I woke up this morning to a DM from my friend, Dr. Blackjack, a message time-stamped 9.42 p.m. last night: “Blog entry today!”.  Indeed, it had completely slipped my mind.  And, I suppose, I could have just skipped the March 16th blog entry, but in the interest of preserving my blogging streak, I uploaded a very late Thursday entry at around 7:30 a.m. on Friday…though, to be fair, I’m sure it was Thursday somewhere.  Maybe Mars?  I don’t know.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with a fabulous idea for a horror movie.  I pitched the first act to Akemi and she loved it.  Now, all I have to do is come up with two more acts, an awesome ending, and write the script – but not before finishing up work on these various other projects including the overview for that android-themed murder mystery.

Also in this vein, in case you missed it…

I’ve come to realize I’m cut out for neither in-person meetings nor zoom meetings…

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I ordered chocolates from Akemi’s second favorite chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hevin (her favorite chocolatier, La Maison du Chocolat apparently doesn’t ship to Canada).  A month later, for White Day (Look it up!), I ordered from my favorite chocolatier, Patrick Roger –

Heavy on the pralines!

Today’s Yes/No…


6 thoughts on “March 17, 2023: I Remembered to Blog!

  1. “March 17, 2023: I Remembered to Blog!”

    Hoorah!!!!! I noticed last night at 11:45 pm but just thought “oh well, he’ll notice sometime”.
    Since you can date your entries any date you want (or need), you could do the current one AND one in advance dated the next day. That would give you a day off without missing.

    I have an idea for a horror movie you could write too. It’s about a guy who blogs daily. If he ever misses a day something bad will happen. A creepy ghost or spirit will come out of his computer and get him or cause him problems. Bad ones! A ghost that even scares his wife! Or!, or he ages 10 years every time he misses. (like the Blog of Dorian Grey)

    Those chocolates look heavenly! Pralines?? Oh my!

  2. No worries if you want to skip a day.

    The chocolate looks wonderful!!!!

    We gave Sea Fever a try last night. It was entertaining. Hubby’s take: “Interesting enough to keep watching but I wouldn’t want to watch it again. Why didn’t it eat the whales? If something that large were in the ocean, wouldn’t someone notice it before now?” Translation: He liked it but noticed flaws. I would watch it again.

    Anything fun going on today?

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