Orphan (2009)

A husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she appears.

My thoughts: A well-crafted take on the Bad Seed premise with one of the wildest twists in horror history. Great.



Horror Stories (2012)

An anthology horror movie that tells the tale of a teenager (Ji_Won Kim) who is abducted and forced to tell the scariest tales she knows.

My thoughts: An enjoyable collection of macabre tales that perhaps make too frequent use of the “That was just a dream!” fake-out.



Triangle (2009)

Five friends set sail and their yacht is overturned by a strange and sudden storm. A mysterious ship arrives to rescue them, and what happens next cannot be explained.

My thoughts: What at first blush seems like a clever time-loop thriller is, upon closer scrutiny, a nonsensical mess.



Le Calendrier/The Advent Calendar (2021)

Eva is a paraplegic. On her birthday, her friend gives her a strange Advent calendar. It’s not the traditional treats you find when you open each drawer, but quirky gifts that are scary and get bloodier.

My thoughts: Great set-up and a terrific ending, but everything in between is underwhelming.



Immersion (2021)

Ricardo has taken his daughters to their home by a lake in southern Chile. While out sailing, they spot a sinking boat but he refuses to help the people because they look suspicious.

My thoughts: Director Nic Postiglione does a wonderful job building the tension, backed by an exceptionally foreboding score, only to settle on an ending that is too pat and obvious. Still, the journey there is a nail biter.


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