I slept well last night.  Akemi will say it’s because I ate light (mainly boiled chicken and soup), but I can’t help but think it was the matcha white chocolate bar I sampled before bed.

Got in touch with my doctor who switched my prescription to something called Losec – but I’ll only be able to pick it up once I’m back in town on the 28th.  In the meantime., enjoy more fantastic concept art from the Stargate vault….


Ep113-2 Ep113-3 Ep113-4 Ep113-5 Sg1_2_ep15-16 Sg1_7_ep15-16 Sgc-guest-quaters


Fa-0185_1 Fa-0185_2 Fa-0185_4 Fa-0185_5 Fa-0243-1 Fa-0243-2 Fa-0243-3 S-l1600-4 Sg1_1_ep15-16 Sg1_9_ep15-16 Sg4_10362_01 Sg4_10362_02 Singularity-planet-original-art Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-08-26-660 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-30-25-903


Fa_0078-4 Img_3173 Sg4_10359_02 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-08-44-588 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-08-58-728 Stargate-sg1-season-9-production-sketches-chase-card


Fa-0180_1 Fa-0180_2 Sg1_13_ep171819 Tollan-planet Tollan-wardrobe


Sg1_7_ep171819 Sg1_8_ep171819 Sg1_9_ep171819 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-09-56-176

Tin Man

Fa-0181_1 Fa-0181_2 Fa-0181_3 Fa-0181_4 Sg1_1_ep171819 Sg1_2_ep17_18_19 Sg1_3_ep171819 Sg1_4_ep171819 Sg1_5_ep171819 Sg1_6_ep171819 Sg4_10363 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-10-10-563 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-10-39-847 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-10-54-060 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-11-06-322 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-11-24-027 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-11-38-268

There But For the Grace of God

4 Fa-0187_1 Fa-0187_2 Img_3174 Mark-five-bomb-transporter-art Sg1_1_ep20 Sg1_2_ep20 Sg1_3_ep20

Within the Serpent’s Grasp

11337130_850646358318558_453149316367281729_o Fa-0178_2 Fa-0178_3 Fa-0178_5 Fa-0297-4_zps64c50b30 Img_3179 Sg1_2_ep22 Sg1_4_ep22 Sg1_5_ep22 Sg1_6_ep22 Sg1_7_ep22 Sg1_8_ep22 Sg1_9_ep22 Sg1-bodyrestraintartwork1 Sg1pi7 Sg1pi9 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_13-58-17-195 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_13-58-43-509 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-11-53-620 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-12-15-406 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-18-41-911 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-18-55-718 Staples-scan10-23-2018_14-54-57-511 Within-the-serpent-s-grasp2


4 thoughts on “December 23, 2022: On the mend?!!! A slew of Stargate stuff!

  1. Oh you cruel! cruel! man!
    You just had to go n post pics of dumplings yesterday!
    As soon as I finally get the all clear to begin eat normally again
    one of the first things I’m gonna do is treat myself to a hunt
    for some really good pan fried pork dumplings.

    Praying everyone in U.S is staying safe and warm.
    Even some places that normally don’t see winter temps below 40 f
    are experiencing sub zero with wind chill factor.

    @Tam Hope your CT results aren’t as bad as the tech made it sound
    and you feel better soon. xo

  2. Happy holidays Joseph, I hope you get feeling better and you and Akemi have a wonderful years end.

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