Visited the doctor yesterday.  Following a perfunctory physical, he prescribed me three weeks worth of Pantoprazole – which may sound like an Italian dish but is actually a proton pump inhibitor that serves as a short term treatment for erosive esophagus due to GERD.  If that turns out to be the underlying issue.  I popped one a half an hour before dinner last night and instantly felt better.   My stomach still feels full, even when I’m hungry, but I did sleep through the night – so that’s promising.  We’ll circle back on this in three weeks once my prescription taps out.

Did a little brainstorming today, hopped on a zoom to discuss an upcoming sci-fi comic book project, and received a long overdue payment for services rendered.  Also switched up my entertainment viewing from horror to television.  I watched the first season of The White Lotus (Is it just me who thought Paula was biggest villain?) and am about halfway through season 2.  If nothing else, the show really makes me want to vacation in Hawaii in Sicily.  Anyway, I’ll probably finish up the show tomorrow, then switch gears an start into some Holiday Horror films.  Recommendations?

Speaking of the holidays, Akemi, Suji and I will be heading to Montreal to spend Christmas with mom, sis, and their dogs.  Hopefully my stomach issues will be settled by then as my sister has booked some terrific restaurants.

Today’s Yes/No…

Now, where did we leave off with that Stargate concept art…

Brief Candle…

Brief-candle-pelops-statue-art Brief-candle-temple Fa-0134-1 Fa-0134-2 Fa-0134-3 Fa-0134-4 Fa-0134-5 Fa-0134-6 Fa-0134-7 Img_3150 Sg1_10ep Sg8_10775_01 Sg8_10775_02 Stargate-pelops-temple-statue-concept-art-brief-candle Statue-base

Thor’s Hammer…

Fa-0136-2 Fa-0136-5 Fa-0136-6 Fa-0136-7 Fa-0136-8 Sg1-1-ep9-10 Sg1-3-ep-2 Sg1-4-ep-3 Sg1_5_ep10_12b Sg1_6_ep10_12b Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-06-10-126 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-06-22-071

The Torment of Tantalus…

Ring-activator-illustration Sg2_10170 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-06-44-969 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-07-17-787 Torment-of-tantalus-heliopolis


Fa-0132-3 Fa-0184_2 Fa-0184_3 Fa-0184_5 Sg1_5_ep11-12 Sg1_6_ep11-12 Sg1_7_ep11-12 Sg1_8_ep11-12

Fire and Water…

Fa-0179_1 Fa-0179_2 Fa-0179_4 Fa-0179_5 Fa-0179_7 Fa-0179_8 Fire-and-water-cuneiform Sg1_1_ep13 Sg2_10166 Sg2_10167 Sg2_10168 Sg4_10354 Sg4_10360_02 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-07-25-994 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-07-35-477 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-07-47-481 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-08-05-589

8 thoughts on “December 15, 2022: More from the Stargate archives!

  1. Hi Joe,

    Glad to hear the pills are help. Just curious, were there ever plans to have Pelops return and wreak havoc ? (In general, not just on the planet, I mean.)

  2. Also, it’s great the whole family is going to your mom’s for Christmas. I’m sure Suji will whip everyone into shape there in no time. 😉

  3. Pantoprazole. Yeah is that the one with the farfalle noodles for pasta salads? So cute. Well I hope they solve your problem. Feel better. (Guess it wasn’t worms. Did the doctor check for worms? You did ask if it could be worms, right?)

  4. Pants works great, but I don’t know if it’s recommended for long term use. I hate to say it, but you may have to adjust your eating habits. With mine, it turned out to be lactose intolerance and cutting back on milk products (and using only lactose-free milk) have made a huge difference.

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