10 thoughts on “November 20, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Love the Christmas costume. xo
    And check her out!
    Standing on her own without her wheel chair!
    Yay! Go Suji! Defying the odds!

  2. That last picture… all I could think was that Suji’s body language’s screaming “BAH HUMBUG”. XD

  3. Did you get a new phone yet?

    Completely recovered? Did Anthony get sick too?


  4. Suji and her pink tulips.
    So cute.
    You know,
    if your tongue would hang out Joe,
    you and Suji could be twins!

    1. Yes, if only that, lol.

      One of the bags we’re using to put away Halloween stuff has a bunch of dogs in costume on it, including a pug dressed as a pink rabbit.

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