When a bear reaches a certain age, it may turn into a Onikuma, a “demon bear”. Possessed of increased strength and the ability to walk upright, it may stroll onto farms and make off with cows and horses that it will bring back up to its home in the mountains for later snacking.



A Kowai is a glutinous zombie who hangs outside eateries in order to raid their after-service trash bins or your take-out container.
The Jakotsu Baba (aka The Old Snake-Bone Woman) is an elderly woman who holds a blue snake in her right hand and red snake in her left hand, standing watch over the grave of her late husband. Rumor has it she’s also got a bit of a temper.
The Abura Sumashi is, like many yokai, the ghost of someone who stole oil in his past life. Now he haunts the mountain pass of Kusazumigoe, a squat, ugly creature who will briefly appear to travelers and then… Hard to say as sightings are minimal. If you see one, report back!
The Jimenju (aka the Nimenju) is a tree with fruit that possess the appearance of human heads. They are big smilers and, should you come across one and laugh, they may laugh back. Ripe ones may literally laugh themselves off the tree. Cooking them also stops them from laughing.

7 thoughts on “November 21, 2022: Your Handy Guide to Weird Yokai!

  1. I think you meant “gluttonous”, but who knows the nutritional content of zombies, maybe he’s glutinous as well.

    Which reminds me, “What did you want me to do, offer her a drink with the human arm she was munching on?”
    Yes, Three, offer her some blood!

    Interesting the onikuma, nekomata, and various object-based yokai all became supernatural after reaching a certain age.

    Oil must have been a big deal.

    Oh, I’d heard of that last one before. Kind of cute but freaky.

  2. The Onikuma ages the exact opposite of humans. We get more bent over with less strength. Interesting.

    Would you happen to have a link for one of those Jimenju trees? That sounds too cool! 🤣

    Which phone model did you get?

    I’m upgrading phones for Christmas and I’m unsure which model of iPhone to get. The later the model, the longer it will last (🤞🏼). I had an SE before my current 8 and it was a great pocket sized phone. The 8 is only slightly larger than the SE. Was it @Gforce that said he had to upgrade to a larger phone for his eyes? I completely understand that but I went into the settings for “zoomed” and that works for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Have fun setting up your new phone!

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