It started yesterday afternoon with a little nausea, a little fatigue.  My muscles were sore and I dismissed the symptoms as the result of having had to wake up in the middle of the night the previous night to deal with a Suji bathroom emergency.  That and my wife’s insistence on doing these Japanese posture exercises every morning.  I didn’t think anything of it but I nevertheless took Akemi’s advice and went to bed early.  I was out at 9:00 p.m.  Two hours later I was awake.  I felt as though the oatmeal I’d had for dinner had hardened into an impenetrable ball and was sitting in my esophagus.  No amount of water would clear the seeming blockage.  I took a couple of tylenols and tried to sleep it off, but I found it impossible to sleep.  The only semi-comfortable position was lying propped up on my back – but even that wasn’t enough to get me truly comfortable.  So I popped a melatonin and hoped I could sleep it off.  That didn’t do the trick.  Neither did vomiting a half dozen times.  Finally, at a little after 5:00 a.m., I dozed off – and woke up at 8:0 this morning feeling slightly better.

Slightly.  My diet today has consisted of the rice gruel and chicken Akemi prepared for me, and gatorade.  I’ve napped three times, but still managed to get in a Japanese lesson.  I think I’ll stick the workout tonight, the oatmeal, and hope I can sleep through the night for the first time in three days.

Fear not.  My wife is taking care of me.

Today’s Yes/No which, given my present state, would be a definite not…

Also, my phone died today.  It was very old but I stuck with it despite its constant inability to recharge and the fact that its battery would completely deplete with in a few hours.  It’s picture quality was no the greatest and its volume had begun to fade, but it was small – and that’s a rarity in this day of smart phones just slightly smaller than an iPad.  So, I ordered a new one today.  Looking forward to find out how mini is “mini”.

12 thoughts on “November 19, 2022: Under the Weather!

  1. Hope you’re feeling much better now..
    I agree about wanting my phone to be small again – without having to fold it in half..

  2. I hope you feel better soon and that Akemi doesn’t pick it up. I know she’ll take good care of you. As for the phone, Bruce and I refused to buy a new one until ours finally stopped working. The cost of mobile phones is ridiculous and, in hindsight, I wish I had taken advantage of investing in the business.

  3. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better soon! Keep us posted, you know how we worry.

    I had an iPhone 12 mini as my last phone and it was great – not much bigger than the old iPhone 5 or old SE (that was yours, I think?) but with a bigger screen. That said, I realized after a while that though I loved the small size, my eyes didn’t care for it anymore at all, so I moved up to the 13 Pro. I blame it on the FACT that apps nowadays try to squeeze a lot more into the display, thus making everything smaller. Yes, that’s it. 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not well, but you are in excellent hands. I hope you feel better soon. Potatoes rock!!! I just can’t eat too much of them – lower carb.

    Cheers Chev

  5. You know what you need? Some Ginger Root Tea! I read it is good for your gut. Being on a diet and needing something warm to drink, I picked up a box. Unfortunately it tastes like gut! I have a box I could send you. So far I’m batting a ZERO on hot teas. They all taste like sticks, dirt, little rocks, pebbles. It was probably the grease in your Ramen. Sometimes if it is too greasy, your stomach rebels. If you had pictures of your dinner with Anthony we could tell how greasy your Ramen was… but nooooooooooo!!!

    Feel better soon. It will pass. (One way or another.)

  6. @Tam – Sorry about your back problems. Backaches and headaches are miserable. Tough decision on when to have surgery. Nobody wants that. I guess it won’t get better on it’s own, but does it worsen over time. I do not envy you. Get lots of rest.

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Was it a bug or something you ate?

    Yes, my phone’s battery isn’t great either. Setting up a new phone isn’t fun but I bet you’ll enjoy the newer camera.

    Have a great Suji Sunday! 👋🏼

  8. A good stiff shot of whiskey/whisky outta numb the pain enough to sleep.

    Somethings to strive for in your get well quick goals.

    Anything Pistachio. Anything Hazelnut.
    Pickles. Hot pastrami. Coleslaw or cold slaw. A good tender beef steak.
    Mashed potatoes. All your favorite cheeses.

    Hope you feel better soon xo

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