A few days ago, actor Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter’s THREE) reached out to me via text.  He’s been in town shooting Hardy Boys and wanted to get together for dinner.  I was , of course, delighted at the suggestion and asked him what he felt like eating figuring I could choose from myriad restaurants that fit bill.  His answer: “Eastern European”.  Eastern European?!  As much as I love schnitzel, I’ve found that Eastern European restaurants tend to not stick around.  Half convinced I wouldn’t find anything, I hopped online and googled “Eastern European restaurants” – and, lo and behold, I found one – DROM Taberna – a short 15 minute walk from my place.  I sent Anthony a link to the menu.  He gave his approval.  I emailed a reservation request to the restaurant and we were set!

Until we arrived at the restaurant at the appointed time to find it shuttered.  In fact, it looked like it hadn’t been open in a while.  Google had steered me wrong once again.

Fortunately, I had a back-up plan: ramen.  We ended up going to my favorite ramen-ya, Midori Ramen, where I enjoyed my favorite ramen, the black garlic with thing noodles.  Anthony had the red spicy.  Both were excellent.  As was the conversation that progressed through dinner, continued over the short walk to Nord Lyon patisserie, and wrapped up over hot chocolate and pastries.  Alas, for those of you about to ask, no photos – of either the meal or my dinner guest.  But, trust me, he WAS there.  And he was looking terrific.

I’ve always enjoying taking to Anthony.  He’s smart, well-spoken, and is always thinking outside the box, always willing to entertain the less popular takes.  And that inevitably makes for a fascinating chat.

Anyway, a good time was had by all and I suggested we do it again sooner than later.  Perhaps when my next show is green lit and we dine together again at the cast dinner.

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7 thoughts on “November 18, 2022: With Special Guest Star Anthony Lemke!

  1. WHAT?!! I don’t believe it! I just don’t believe it! You took no pictures of our handsome THREE, Anthony Lemke?? Okay then, I don’t believe you met with him. I don’t believe you made a reservation at a ghost restaurant. (I sort of believe you had a hot chocolate and pastries, that sounds like you.) Without photo proof, I refuse to believe it. You could of at least taken a picture of his hand or back of his head or something. Or the food. Figment of your imagination.

  2. @TamDixon Sending gentle healing hugs and thoughts your way.

    @Joe Glad to hear you had a nice visit with Anthony Lemke.
    Curious if you and Akemi have used the Music garlic yet?
    Taste? Texture? Did symphonies play in your mouth?
    If so -which ones?
    I’ve never found Music garlic at any of the markets here to try it.

    Also, seems like it has been a really long time since you had a good beef steak.
    Are there no decent steakhouses in Toronto??

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