5 thoughts on “October 16, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Happy Birthday Joe! Nancy H
    Unfortunately I left your email address in my work computer when I retired!

  2. Happy birthday! I envy Suji’s agiligty on her smooth gliding wheels, I can barely ride a bike. I made my second burger of the week with onions and mushrooms, bits of bacon and good cheese, its labor intensive to make my own but I can’t deal with the blandness of storebought stuff, they’re not going to nuts with spices like I do and be generous with the cheese and time it all so the fries are hot from the oven as the burger is assembled.

    I spent months waiting to see Magpie Murders on PBS only for them to air a 45 minute episode where the sleuthing had barely started. Waiting for regular Tv to unspool a week at a time is tough.

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