Tonight, Akemi and I are joining some of the neighbors of a beer and wing night.  Unlike SOME, we will not be buying our wings from the local Caribbean restaurant or fast food place but will, instead, make three different home versions (from top left clockwise: Gochujuang [Akemi], spicy slated egg yolk [Akemi],  honey-lemon thyme [me], sweet Korean heat [me].


Sadly, Suji will be missing out – but we plan to set aside a few wings, just for her.

I also picked up the following interesting(?) beers…


Anybody had any of these?  If so, which was your favorite?

Pxl_20221015_185845770 Pxl_20221015_185942983

Me and the little lady, showing off my Yozo shirt compliments of my neighbor, Kevin.

Did some writing today on two projects – a pitch deck, and a pilot.  Also gave some thought to the horror feature I’m going to co-write with my buddy Ivon.  And had a chat with my agent regarding my latest pilot.

Tomorrow is my birthday/our anniversary, so we’ll be celebrating as per tradition – by going out for ramen!

Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “October 15, 2022: Wings & Beer Night!

  1. I used to drink Bailey’s before I developed an allergy to all types of alcohol and can’t go near anything any more. BUT if I could drink Bailey’s I definitely would have tried it.

    Congrats on the pilot (I know I’m late to the party). When I have time I’ll scroll through the missing posts to get info on it. Unless it is a horror thing (LOL), I’ll definitely watch it if it is available.

  2. Delirium and the Roquefort are both great. I love a good triple. Delirium can be a bit sweet to have more than two.

  3. It is officially your birthday!! Happy Birthday Joe!!! And what a great way to celebrate with your wedding anniversary too! Happy Anniversary Joe and Akemi!!! I know you two will make it a great day and year.

  4. My favorite beer was a Bavarian beer called E.K.U 28,,,touted as the strongest beer on earth…14% alcohol by volume,,,a dark beer, trending on the razors edge of sweet…

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