Last full day in Montreal, then it’s back to Toronto tomorrow where some major writing awaits.  In the meantime…


Mom’s taralli are ready – and headed for Akemi!


Mom’s treadmill makes me nervous.


Sis brought cheese biscuits.


Cousin Carolyn and the garlic cheerleader.


The truffle spaghettini


The octopus with burrata and croccantini


More peppers!


The rack of lamb


Sis insists I post this better photo of Ralphie.

Screen-shot-2022-10-10-at-41522-pm Screen-shot-2022-10-10-at-41535-pm

Family picture time.


9 thoughts on “October 10, 2022: The Thanksgiving Wrap-up!

  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip home. Reaching out with a special soft shoulder rub for your Cousin Carolyn. Tell Andria that Ralphie always looks good. Dogs (all animals) have a natural beauty. All the food looks heavenly!! I bet Akemi is smiling. Now excuse me while I go into my kitchen and eat everything in sight! See what you do to me Joe!

  2. Thanks! @Ponytail @Joe xo

    The food all looks amazingly delicious, as always, Joe.
    Mucho hugs n kisses for your mega talented mom.
    And to your sis for pitching in with the T Day meal.
    Those garlic maracas are filling my head with all sorts of crazy silly ideas.
    (Albeit, … I have been smoking some really good stuff.
    so there’s that.).
    Is that one of Andria’s beautifully handmade sweaters on Ralphie?

    I googled a bit today.
    As it turns out I had heard of coffee rub.
    Apparently for beef steaks and burgers,.
    I’ve just never gotten around to trying it.
    The words “caramelized” rub on the label of that early bday present pic threw me off.

    Safe flight home!

  3. Great pictures! Ralph and your family are very photogenic.

    What’s the cake at the end?

    I would suggest buying her a new treadmill but I seem to remember the TV replacement wasn’t well received. 😬

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