This weekend I am Montreal-bound to celebrate Thanksgiving with mom and sis!  Fly out Saturday morning and back home Tuesday afternoon.  What awaits me in La Belle Province?  Besides Smoke Meat Pete and Chocolats Favoris.

Just ordered this for my birthday….

And now I want this…

Today’s Yes/No…

From the Stargate vault – “The Nox”

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9 thoughts on “October 6, 2022: A break from horror and yokai!

  1. It’s your birthday again? Seems like you just had one 6 months ago. Time is flying by.

    So we’re going to your mom’s house. Yeah!!! Can’t wait to see the home-cooking pictures! Let me guess… lamb or duck, peppers?, friendship cake!!!, and something made with homemade pasta!, the REAL Italian way! Yum yum!!

  2. @Tam – I am doing fine. Even got a flu shot in one arm today and a Covid Booster shot in the other arm. And I feel fine, just one arm a little sore.

    Been very busy today. Getting my parent’s mineral rights on the land their house sat on changed over to my brother’s name is going to take an act of congress, and getting the IRS on the phone to help release one of their tax returns they are holding is going to take an act of God. “There is no one available right now to handle your topic. Please call another day.”

  3. Hello to Mama Mallozzi and Andria. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We are having an extended summer here, but very dry. Hi to Akemi and Suji, too.

  4. DC vs. Marvel. Did you ever check out the Amalgam Comics line from 1996-1997 that published stories with versions of the DC and Marvel heroes merged with their closest counterparts in the other?

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