It’s been almost three years since the last Garlic Fest so you can be damn sure that Akemi and I won’t be missing this one.  As usual, we’ll be peaking up a dozen different varieties of fresh garlic, garlic chips, garlic powder, garlic sauces, and sampling the innumerable garlic-themed culinary offerings  from garlic-brined peameal bacon to roasted garlic clove and mozzarella-wrapped arancini, honey-garlic bourbon sausages to garlic pickle juice and vodka ice pops.

Toronto Garlic Festival 

Who’s in?

So, what are your weekend plans?

The new pilot is slowly winding its way out to various execs – as well as my agents who will presumably be reading it over the weekend.  This one is less genre and more action-adventure.  The comps are “It’s Blindspot meets Castle (or Remington Steele if you really want to date yourself)”.

How you imagine executives have responded to your script –


24 hours after you hit send.


1 week after not hearing back from them.

In the meantime, time to shift gears and start work on that android-themed pilot.  You know how much I love my androids!

Today’s Yes/No…

8 thoughts on “September 23, 2022: The week-ender!

  1. A woman in line at the fabric store said she was building a giant loom out of a bridge for a festival this weekend. My kid is trying to make a loom out of our old quarter round so I think we’ll head over and see the big version.

  2. Weekend plans: Helping husband to continue to recover from suspected side effects of a medication.

  3. I drove through Gilroy, CA a couple years ago. They claim to be the garlic capital of the world. Whole town smelled like garlic even with the windows up. I saw a stand offering garlic ice cream and had to try it. It was surprisingly good. They had chocolate and vanilla versions in old school cups with flat wooden spoons.

  4. My weekend plans are to recover from the week. I tagged along on my hubby’s conference to Orlando Universal and I’m beat. I’d forgotten my inability to pace myself. So, every night I would be sore, exhausted and my back/feet would be extremely painful. (I have chronic back issues) Vowing to do better the next day, I would wake up in the morning with energy and do it all over again. The very definition of insanity, yes? I averaged between 28,000-32000 steps per day and I felt every one of those in the evening.

    Anyway, it was a blast and I’ve had my fill of Butter Beer. I’ve been looking over the week’s blog posts. Comments: I did think of Akemi when I saw the “Cozy Rice Monkeys”. Her food can be works of art.
    The NyQuil chicken seems like a waste of life. People need to appreciate the life given for their sustenance. Preachy but 🤷‍♀️.
    Some of the last batch of horror movies look good! I’ll look through them today. Thanks!
    No on the black Udon.
    No on the hot sauce popsicles.

    Oh that reminds me, I talked to my hubby’s boss and he’s got a whole bag of (he thinks) Ghost peppers in his freezer. He’s unsure how to use them. Any advice? I suggested making hot sauce. He grew them on a lark and the plant produced more than he anticipated.

    Our son stayed at our house through the day while working and watched Lucy for us. He sent us this picture of her when he came in late one morning. She read him the riot act for her breakfast being late. Thought I would share for smiles:

    Have fun at the Garlic Festival!

    👋🏼 to everyone!

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