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Dark Matter leaving Netflix in September, 2022

September 25th is the show’s last day on Netflix.  It leaves Canadian Netflix in August of 2023, so Canadian fans get a bit of a reprieve.

No idea where it ends up next, but now would be the time to catch up if you haven’t already watched all three seasons!

Never experienced this in Japan, but it looks kinda squishy…

And this one’s kinda creepy…

I’ve got Cinnabar, Vivanite, Galeena, and Malachite in the Final Four!

Today’s Yes/No…

5 thoughts on “August 25, 2022: The Thursday Report!

  1. I watched the show when it was on cable. I was sorry that it was cancelled after only 3 years.

  2. I dropped Netflix months ago, with plans to resubscribe when it had more new stuff that interested me (like the Knives Out sequel). Since I’m in Canada I have some time, but I’ll make a point to watch Dark Matter one more time before it goes away — and to curse them for not making seasons 4 & 5 or the miniseries.

  3. Dark Matter is available in the UK on Pluto TV. On demand and I think on its scheduled programmes too. Pluto is free to watch.

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