Makuragaeshi are Japanese child ghosts that haunt rooms at night, flipping pillows and, occasionally, people. Their more malevolent versions sit on their victim’s chest while they sleep, squeezing the air from their lungs.


Tofu Yozo are yokai, Japanese spirits, that take the form of the young tofu-selling boys of the Edo period. They may, on occasion, follow people home on rainy nights.
Timid and weak, they are often bullied by their fellow spirits, thus establishing them as the original soy boys.


The Aka manto is a ghost or serial killer that stalks school bathrooms. If a student uses the cursed 4th stall, he’ll discover it out of toilet paper. Suddenly, a voice will ask him to choose between red paper or blue. If he chooses red, he will be slashed to bloody ribbons.
The next student to use the cursed 4th stall will be presented with the same choice between: “Red or blue toilet paper”. Aware of the fate of the last student, she’ll choose blue – at which point all the blood will be drained from her body, leaving her a dead, blue corpse.


The akaname are yokai, Japanese spirits, that visit bathrooms at night, making use of their sticky tongues to lick the filth off the floor, bathtubs, and toilets. They are disease-carriers and can make you very sick – BUT they can be avoided by keeping a clean bathroom!


The Kuchisake-onna appears as a masked woman who asks: “Am I pretty?”
Answer no, and she’ll brutally kill you.
Answer yes, and she’ll remove her mask to reveal her hideous ear to ear grin. “Am I pretty?”she’ll ask again.
Answer no, and she’ll brutally kill you.
Answer yes, and she’ll let you go.
Then follows you home and brutally kill you.

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One thought on “August 23, 2022: Your handy guide to weird yokai!

  1. The Catch-22 scenario with the Aka manto reminded me of the Kuchisake-onna, which I’d already heard of, and then she was here, too. I read on Wikipedia that if you say “yes” the second time that she asks if she’s pretty, she’ll give you a slashed face like hers, and the way out is to either say that her appearance is average or distract her with money or hard candy.

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