Akemi had a hankering for pasta so, today, we ended up making the trek to Famiglia Baldassarre for lunch.  Our timing was off and we ended up arriving a half hour before open – which was just as well since a line had already started to form.  So we killed time chatting with the couple behind us and eventually ended up sharing a table with them.

The place serves lunch from noon until 2:00, or until they run out of pasta (which is often before 2:00).  The menu changes daily, but there are only two pasta options on the day.  Today, it was tagliatelle (with butter and morels or tomato sauce base) or ravioli (butter and pecorino or tomato sauce).

Pxl_20220610_163014050 Pxl_20220610_163017399

I went with the morel mushroom tagliatelle while Akemi went with the tomato sauce.  They were both terrific.  I preferred mine and, of course, she preferred hers, but my favorite is still their sans rigi rigatoni (the toni) because I love that al dente bite you don’t really get with tagliatelle.


On this trip, I decided to forego the appetizer in favor of a third plate of pasta: the ravioli.  Also great


For dessert, we ended up taking a walk down to an ice cream shop called Ruru Baked.

Pxl_20220610_172057477 Pxl_20220610_172050552

There are other offerings in addition to ice cream and, on this trip, we tried the Hawaiian butter mochi – which reminded Akemi of the mochi she used to eat as a kid.


And, since we WERE visiting an ice cream shop, we picked up some ice cream as well – a double scoop of horlicks and everything chocolate.  Also good…but, boy, it’s tough to be boozy ice cream.

We then ended up walking him.  It took us two hours.  And now my feet hurt.  You’re up to date!

Completed a killer pitch for the big screen adaptation of that game yesterday, then spent a good chunk of this afternoon running through it.  Action, adventure, heart, humor, twists, turns, and a terrific redemption arc.  It’s so good that the only way they pass is if they’re forced to hire a mobster’s son to write it.

Today’s Yes/No…



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  1. 2-hour walk would have burned off all those calories you had accumulated. LOL

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