10 thoughts on “Test Your Spaceship IQ!

  1. About 25 I recognised, 8-10 I might have right, rest no idea.
    I guess these were from games, comics, movies etc. Got the Lexx, Red Dwarf ones, Alien series, Dark star and silent running, 2001,Tardis, Some star wars and star trek, space 1999, Jerry Anderson,

    Are you putting up the answers soon! Please!

  2. Got about 1/2 of them, I think. Funny, I just watched District 9 again about a week ago. Is 2001’s Discovery there twice? One does look a little different.

  3. I know a few of them. Very cool of you to post these. My hubby and I are enjoying the guessing game. Some of these are reaching back in time and bringing back memories.

    Loved seeing Galaxy Quest ship. We saw the documentary on the film. The ship has the initials NTE on it meaning, Not The Enterprise. You probably knew that but it makes me smile just thinking about it. Did you see the doc? https://smile.amazon.com/Never-Surrender-Galaxy-Quest-Documentary/dp/B08176ZS3N/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3PV5349G3J06N&keywords=galaxy+quest+documentary&qid=1653660590&s=instant-video&sprefix=galaxy+quest+docu%2Cinstant-video%2C87&sr=1-1 The parts about Alan Rickman were fun. It’s always interesting to me how casting choices came about. The movie wouldn’t have been the same with the direction of casting/script that were initially decided. It’s nearly a perfect film, as is. I hope they don’t decide to remake this later. 🙁

  4. could you put the answers in the alt-text so we can hover over them and see what each one is?

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