Alas, no Baron’s Book Club Blab Blog today as I’ve been distracted by writerly things and, thus, haven’t had the opportunity to read a single book.  Hopefully, that will change soon-ish, but I’m almost halfway through breaking two scripts that should have my thoughts elsewhere well into early June.

I’ll be honest with you.  Kind of disappointed with my U.S. agent’s response to my feature script.  He likes it a lot, loves the characters – but doesn’t know where to place it.  Apparently, the fact that it’s a small, character-driven period piece makes it a very tough sale.  So, I don’t know.  I could try to raise 2-3 million dollars to make the movie myself – but that would require a total rewrite to make it more Canadian content-friendly…which I don’t want to do.  OR, I could reach out to a few of the small production companies I know and see if they’re interested.  OR I could forget about getting it made and take solace in the fact that, as my other agent put it: “it remains a wonderful sample to prove you can write outside of scifi.”  OR I can become embittered, call it a wrap, and shift focus to full-time stock research.  After I’ve finished delivering the three scripts I’ve been commissioned to write, hear back on a couple of projects, and set up the Power Mage series of course.

Law enforcement ambushed the couple in Bienville Parish, opening fire without warning and unloading 130 rounds on them. Their crime spree and dramatic end inspired the classic 1967 film Bonnie & Clyde with its memorable final scene…

Today’s Yes/No…

4 thoughts on “May 23, 2022: Book Club Blab Blog on hold! Let’s discuss other stuff!

  1. No, on the sandwich.

    🙂 on the sign.

    Good luck on the script! There’s such garbage on TV now. I heard they’re releasing a NEW Quantum Leap and a new Wonder Years. Why?! 🙄

    Have a good day!

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