In preparation for tomorrow night’s wine & cheese soiree, Akemi and I spent the day shopping for – you guessed it! – wine and cheese.


Apparently white is the way to go, but I couldn’t resist rounding out the selection.  To be honest, I’m the further thing from a wine aficionado – but I know what I like.


I’ve picked up some Espresso Bellavitano  Although I’m not usually a fan of hard cheeses, this one is quite nice with little calcium crystals. Lemon Succor which is like eating a goat’s milk cheesecake.  A nice, crumbly 18 month Mimolette recommended by Akemi’s favorite Japanese YouTube.  L’Angeline a Marc, a Quebec cheese I tried at the shop.  It’s like a brie with a very buttery finish.  The others are my all-around-favorites – creamy and incredibly indulgent:  Brillat Savarin, La Tur, St. Andre, Chateau de Bourgogne, and the Adoray that is served by removing the top of the rind and dipping your bread into the oozy cheese. Also, a Fleur da Beira, Torta di Mascarpone (mom will be envious), a smoked caciocavallo, and a nameless cheese I bought after sampling.

I picked up some accompaniments in the form of blueberry/blackberry jam and honey, and Akemi will be baking some fresh bread in the morning.  Sometime before dropping Suji off for her physiotherapy, I’ll also pick up some cured meats to for the charcuterie plate.  Hopefully, my local Italian shop offers something a little out of the ordinary.

Not sure about dessert.  What do you think?

9 thoughts on “May 10, 2022: Countdown to Wine & Cheese 2022!

  1. If you do decide to go with adding a desert make sure it is something small and simple such as almond cookies or a creme brulee. Nothing chocolate or too large or rich/heavy.
    Anything you serve should be light and pair well with the wine and cheeses you are serving.
    This is why fruit slices such as pears, apples, grapes are typically offered as pairing items at such gatherings.

  2. A shout out to Dan Jeannotte (Derrick Moss) appearing as James T. Kirk’s older brother, Enterprise science officer Samuel Kirk, in the regular cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as of the series premiere last Thursday.

  3. You could go simple but classic with affogato, espresso over vanilla ice cream.

  4. As cheese is often offered instead of dessert I’d not bother. Maybe some fruit..?

  5. Looks like a wonderful time to me!

    Maybe in lieu of a traditional dessert, go with extra accompaniment?

    I’d probably pair in some toasted almonds, and being the sweet wine person I am, a gorgeous chilled Port!

    What a line up!

    Have fun you guys.

  6. Best and final advice. Don’t over do it or you’ll be stuck with too many left overs.
    Just remember a wine and cheese evening is about sampling and conversation.
    It’s not intended to replace evening meal.

  7. I’d suggest something light along the lines of baked pears or crème brûlée. Or… an apple pie with a nice, extra sharp cheddar. Whatever you all go with, I’m sure it’ll be absolutely delectable.

    I’ve always been a sucker for dark chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries, but maybe that wouldn’t pair well with the wine? In any case, enjoy!

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