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Thinking of switching over to writing features for a while.  The last one was a positive experience that turned out better than I expected.

Now, all I require are some movie ideas.

How long do you give a show to win you over?

Today’s Yes/No…



8 thoughts on “May 3, 2022: Captain’s Log, Blog Update #5,674!

  1. I empathize. Living 24/7 with your loved one can be like that. We are in the early years of caregiver (me) /patient (him) life.

  2. A few eps may not be enough when a show is first starting out; Atlantis starts off with huge twists and juicy story that hooked me, while Yellowjackets’ trailer made me doubt it, then the first few eps seemed like a Lord of the Flies remake, but then it got so good.

    I’m trying to watch Man Who Fell To Earth even though the poor dude gets Gilliganed every few steps, ep two brought in lively new characters so I’m hoping the pace will pick up.

    I wish I’d watched Wonderfalls and Alias when they first came out, they are little marvels that didn’t get enough love when they were airing.

  3. A show gets 30 minutes to intrigue me, six episodes to overcome questionable plots if the overall premise shows promise, and as much as ten episodes to show me that what looks like logical holes in the premise are intentional misdirection if everything else is good. Bad dialogue and bad acting will lose me by the second commercial break (I’ll give a comedian in a sitcom a break on the acting thing for up to one season if they’re funny.)

  4. How long i give a show varies. If it shows some promise, I will give it 4 – 6 episodes. If it bores me from the start, I likely won’t finish the first episode.

  5. Akemi needs to be careful. Silicon Man is a very slippery character. Though it seems that you can see right through to the heart of him there is a dark side there as well. In the end I think that Akemi is a sturdy and dependable bloke and will weather his challenges well and become a more polished individual through his dealings with Silicon Man.

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