No Baron’s Book Club Blab Blog entry today as I, sadly, was unable to read a book last week given that I was wholly focused on my first feature screenplay in, oh, roughly three years.  Still, I’m heartened by the fact that I have 73 books under my belt some four months into 2022 and my goal of 100 Books Read on the Year seems very doable.

I gave the script another polish today and have set it aside for now while I patiently await notes from my reader, Jeff, who is well-versed in the southern vernacular although, to be fair, probably not one rooted in the 1930’s.  Once I receive Jeff’s input, I’ll d one final pass and then it will be off to my agent.

The question then arises: When to send?  Obviously, I don’t want to send them a script on a Friday when they are decompressing after a long week.  Similarly, it would make sense to send it to them on the weekend as it will probably go ignored and then, possibly, forgotten.  Monday is out of the question as they will probably be inundated with top-of-the-week urgencies.  Which leaves Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The latter, frankly, is too close to Friday and it’s unlikely anyone is going to start reading so close to end of week.  So, Tuesday or Wednesday it is, preferably later in the day Eastern Time so that I can catch both by Canadian and U.S. reps at their dynamic best.

In a perfect world, following a protracted auction, the script sells for 7 figures, and eventually hits the big screen in 2024, starring Ryan Reynolds and  a scene-stealing young ingenue who earns an Oscar nomination for her first onscreen performance.  The movie will also receive an Oscar nom, of course, but I will not attend the ceremonies as they tend to run way past my bedtime.



Stopped by my favorite donut shop today – Isabella’s Donuts –  where I usually grab one of their weekly feature flavors (matcha on this day, of course) as well as an original glaze.  There’s nothing quite like a chewy mochi donut.

Today’s Yes/No…

6 thoughts on “May 2, 2022: Book Club Inhumed! Script work resumed! Donuts consumed!

  1. There’s a lot of data on when to send a resume for the best success for job seekers. You could just treat it like the same thing.

  2. Man, I was excited enough about those donuts that I was thinking of calling for a shipment, but my swollen face reminded me:allergies.

    I think this time it’s a mold exposure. I’ve narrowed the possible culprits down to getting shower water in my ears, cleaning the tub drain, and psychosomatic Ambergris Trilogy Syndrome.

  3. You’ve been on fire with your reading this year.

    I see. 🤔 Jeff’s trip to Louisiana was research. 😉 He’s a canny fellow. 🙋‍♀️

    Yay on the scrip!

    I’d take every donut except for the matcha. I’m not a matcha fan.

  4. Considering the author of the script, I don’t see any other possible outcome than the one described; unless this can only be an injustice!

  5. Would you stop with all the donut talk!! I’m on a diet here!!

    (I’ll take 2 Strawberry Mochi and 6 Cinnamon Rolls…shhhhh)

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