I mean, today would have been the perfect day to get started on watching one of the shows listed in yesterday’s blog entry (Thanks for all the input by the way).  And that was the plan.  But I got distracted and ended up researching U.S. small value stocks.  And, while I’d like to say I’ll probably start tomorrow, chances are I’ll more likely be researching international small value stocks instead.

I think I need to be more realistic with myself about my to-do list and, more importantly, my to-when list.  Take that feature script that’s been rattling around in my brain for going on two years now.  I actually broke the story, got my scenes down, and fully intended to write it during lockdown in 2020.  Except I wasn’t all that motivated to do much writing (or reading) during lockdown, so the script got pushed.  To top of 2021 when I decided I would finally sit down and write it.  BUT, 2021 came and went and so did my plans for that script.  Now, here we are deep into 2022, and while I do think about writing that script, my interest has waned.  As has my enthusiasm for writing pilots or, really, writing in general.  I’ve come to the point where I”m deriving more satisfaction from stock research than from making up worlds and characters, truth be told.  On the one hand, theoretically sad I suppose in that this industry has leeched every bit of enjoyment I once enjoyed from plying my craft, but at this point I don’t really miss it so I can’t really argue it’s all that sad.  On the other hand, I’m having a lot of fun doing something else, something completely different that has been a whole new learning experience for me over these past couple of years.

That’s not to say I won’t start writing again at some point.  Who knows?  Maybe, one of these days, I’ll be struck by inspiration and spend weeks hammering out a new pilot.  Or, even crazier, one of the various shows I’ve developed over the course of these past few years finds a home and I’ll be drawn back into production –


Or maybe I wake up one morning and actually start writing that feature.

Or not.  And if I don’t?  Meh.

P.S. $AMCX, $COOP, $GEF, $LPX, $PRDO, and $SMP have all made my short list.

Today’s Yes/No…

4 thoughts on “April 9, 2022: Stock Research > Writing

  1. I’ve been feeling my Inspiration evaporating over the years during the pandemic as well. Not sure if it’s my age or the general state of the world that has me questioning everything these days. I’m 54.

    I feel trapped between wanting to work on personal projects I’ve had in my head for years or continuing to kick out commissions. Hard to say no to paying customers but the clock is ticking if I want to take on a large personal project. The major issue for all of it is my excitement for any of it just isn’t there. Not like it used to be anyway.

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling the same way but… yeah, I suppose creativity is difficult to maintain. Especially during difficult times.

  2. Is the guy below you always making lots of noise? If yes, then carry on with your dribbling and Riverdance practice. If no, then show some patience. He or management may be making a repair.

    Miss Wisdom
    (aka Miss Older Than Dirt)

  3. You could write about stock research. You don’t even have to write under your actual name if being right about what has value is too edgy (Tyler Durden is taken for that).

    You could also run with not saying anything and just run up your own portfolio while the rest of the world does what CNN tells them. You’ll get more exclusive deals that way.

    Or just say a little for your clients who you invest for. I know a guy who went from stock-obsessed to working for UBS. It doesn’t have to be the cold profession portrayed in ’80’s movies. He really got to help people get their lives straightened out.

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