Akemi is always the first one up.  Suji and I have a little lie-in, eventually waking up a half hour or so later.  I massage her ears and hips for a while after which we both get out of bed – and it’s time for breakfast!  For Suji anyway.  We’ve been livestreaming the grand event daily on Instagram so, if you’re lucky enough to get a notification, tune in for the two minute chow-down.  With breakfast out of the way, we head out for our walk.


The whole walk revolves around treats.  She gets a treat when she gets into the stroller.  Another treat when she gets in the elevator.  Another treat when she hits the lobby and is greeted by the concierge and the building’s custodial crew.  Another treat when she’s transferred from the stroller to her wheelchair.  And subsequent treats at various stations along the route – park, bench, crossing the street, etc.


The best treat, of course, comes after her morning pee which is a bit of a to-do.  Since she can’t pee on her own, we have to express Suji’s bladder – which usually involves me hoisting her up off my right hip, supporting her with my left hand, the using my right to apply pressure to her belly.  Her back legs spring up and – success!


For the second half our walk, we hit busy King Street, walking by the various restaurants (all closed at this early hour), Forno Cultura (a  Italian cafe & bakery that IS open early and whose occasional staff member will come out to greet Suji), and Starbucks.  Given the choice, she’d go with the strawberry.


So endeth the walk.  Another treat when she transfers back from her wheelchair to the stroller.  One more in the lobby.  Another in the elevator.  And one final treat once we’re back inside, after I’ve taken off her booties and wiped her down.

Join us next time.  Suji loves the company.  Especially if you bring treats!

4 thoughts on “April 10, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Oh my. That’s alot of treats. It’s amazing she hasn’t gained a ton of weight over the last couple years.
    Here’s hoping hydro-therapy goes well and does her some good.

    Has anybody heard back from Tom Londe about his girl Waffle?

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