Hoowee!  Received an email from my agent last night informing me that he was putting me up for a new genre show and requested a writing sample for a “sci-fi show that tends towards horror”.  The series is an adaptation of novel – which I happened to have read, so I knew the perfect sample script to put forward: Stargate: SG-1’s “Revisions”.  The only problem – I no longer had a copy of the script.  Fortunately, I had access to a dropbox database of all of my old Stargate scripts.  UNFORTUNATELY, that old dropbox account got deleted due to age and inactivity.  So what to do?  Search my old hard drives of course.  The result?  Nada.  And so, left with no other recourse, I resorted to desperate measures – reverse-engineering my script from episode transcripts.  Which took me almost all of today, from an 8:00 a.m. start to a 7:00 p.m. script delivery.

Now watch me not even get an offer.

I did find time for a few breaks in between all of the rewriting and reformatting – two Suji walks, a workout, and lunch with my old friend Simon who was in town, visiting from Vancouver…


Pictured here with the Pike’s Place Espresso Chocolate Bar he gifted me.

We enjoyed Dan Dan Noodles at Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles (He treated!), followed by Vietnamese coffee mochi donuts from Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique.

Great to catch up with Simon who is one of the biggest foodies I know.

Another round of meals-with-friends tomorrow when my buddies Yael and Tanavi roll into town.  Dr. Blackjack has done the honors, lining up rare culinary double-feature lunch AND dinner.

I leave you with today’s Yes/No…

8 thoughts on “April 5, 2022: Meccha Tired!

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya and sending good vibes on the writing job. XO

    Meccha’s a good word. And whatever word you come up with
    that extends beyond meccha -that would be me these days.
    Still trying to figure out how to come up with
    the transport cost to Massachusetts
    and have only a few weeks left to do it.
    Other than that things are mercifully coming along here a bit better.
    I’ve already finished packing anything I don’t immediately need.

    Please tell me that coconut flavored grass jelly drink
    was just someone’s idea for a seriously disgusting April Fools Joke.

    My good news/small victory update for those who missed it:

  2. Oh dear.. Maybe one of those gentle reminders to do extra backups, just for cases like this.
    I recently started using BackBlaze, which offers a bunch of different backup methods.
    .. I hate losing stuff. But at the same time, the drawer full of 80s Amstrad CPC cassettes/disks and the other drawer full of 90s Amiga Floppy Disks is probably a sign that I might have kept too much!!

  3. I hope you can find your scripts after all, I was hunting yesterday for an old email in flash drives and folders to no avail, I keep accumulating emails and files and pics of family babies galore, moving the files to new laptops and creating more digital clutter.

    I haven’t purchased really good chocolate since before covid, too busy sourcing masks and paper towels. I’ll add that to my next grocery list. I got the perfect mild Mango Relish and I’m putting it on everything; it zests up salad dressing, was awesome in turkey chili.

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