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  1. Cool that you are still doing podcasts, Joe.
    Hope you are getting at least some work done on your feature set in the 1930’s.
    I’d love to see what you come up with.

    Some good news for a change after an overly long extremely difficult road.
    Yes, sorry, this is another slightly longer read.
    But hopefully you’ll find this small victory worth your reading time.

    Several months ago, when doctors determined my body couldn’t handle general chemo , due to my liver problems, but said i did not financially qualify in Florida for the specific targeted oral therapies that would be my best bet for remission, my awesome social worker, Denise, went above and beyond and went into action to locate states with effective therapies and got me pre-qualified in Massachusetts. There was just one problem. Affordable housing in the Boston area, like most major cities in the U.S these days, was in extremely short supply. Shortly after making this wonderful effort to help me, Denise unfortunately quit due to finding work in another state that paid better and rents had not risen quite as outrageously high as Orlando and Miami. I haven’t had a decent, experienced/knowledgeable, social worker since and have largely been left on my own to research healthcare options, resources, and housing availability in MA. This as you know has been a major challenge and struggle for me. In the mean time, doctors here in Orlando convinced me to try a different general therapy they claimed was not as hard on the liver. It landed me in the hospital for days fighting serious rash, swelling, and infection after less then twenty minutes into first session. When i was hit by a car that was making a right on red in January while just trying to cross a local side street, I became more determined than ever to get the hell out of this state which has developed a political and financial attitude of survival of the youngest and fittest and has outlawed pretty much any Covid protections, including masks. Few here seem to care about vulnerable people like me who have had to keep working full time outside the home, exposed to the public, even though my current health is in enough of a weakened state I’d likely land in the hospital if i were to contract the virus, even though I’ve been vax boostered. Especially considering the latest, much more contagious, BA2 variant which has been circulating in the state thanks to the large volume of U.K visitors, where infections are once again rising. UK residents love to holiday here.

    Thankfully, I’ve now found an affordable room in a share house for May a few towns north of Boston. After my long constant nightmare struggle just to keep a roof over my head and make upfront doctor co-pays and pay for meds, I gotta say the difference in the standard and attitude toward healthcare and compassion between Florida & Massachusetts, is beyond compare.

    Here’s what’s been accomplished, in only two weeks, via the wonderful, caring people and orgs in Massachusetts after a well beyond exhausting, terrifying, year of being largely left to handle the bulk of the burden on my own in Unincorporated Orange County, Fl.

    After explaining my situation and that I felt forced to make the difficult decision to delay my next surgery, and ongoing in person doctors office vsits, until I reach MA, I’ve already been set up with breast oncology and hepatology care teams, via Cambridge Alliance and have already been assigned two amazing, dedicated, professionally seasoned, social workers who have already helped get me set up with resource appointments for the 1st week in May so we can hit the ground running on my medical care when I arrive. (Resource appointments would have been sooner, but i have to obtain and have placed on state record a new state ID first to qualify for most resources there and new landlord is not comfortable letting me use his home address for this purpose until i actually pay 1st months rent and move in). I’ve been assured if the doctors there determine targeted oral therapy is my bet bet for remission, they will make sure I’m financially qualified and have the required transportation and home supervisory care during any therapy rounds. They are also going to make sure my lower denture is replaced prior to next surgery, to ensure i can eat normally while I’m recovering. And I will not have to worry about making rent and becoming homeless while I’m recovering from surgery or anytime I’m out sick. I’ve also been back in touch with some of the cancer charity orgs there. I made them aware I will be arriving a couple days prior to when i can take possession of the room in my new house share and haven’t been able to find any inexpensive safe places to stay April 29th-30th. A couple ladies made calls around and found me a very comfortable room in an air bnb near to my new address, and the host, at their urging, agreed to allow me to stay for only $75 per night. Thanks to the med fund contributions from blog sibs Maryanne & Ponytail this month, I’m now covered for that.

    Last remaining hurdle is coming up with the final $200 cash to give Juanita, for driving me to Massachusetts in her mini van with my portable DYU ebike and what’s left of my personal belongs. I’m working as many hours as i can get now. Albeit, by the last week in April, it will only amount to ensuring I can pay May 1st rent in full at the new place and still be able to afford things like state ID fees, food and such. Not sure what I can do about that. I’ve already contacted every neighbor, church, and local org I can think of with no luck on receiving additional help.
    If anyone else can contribute to the med fund this month to get me the rest of the way there,
    it is beyond incredibly appreciated.

    I can be reached via dreasmedfund@gmail
    or contribuions can be made directly via
    Venmo: dreacrysel (at gmail)

    I know I’ve said it many time before, but it definitely bears worth repeating,

    So much love and gratitude to you Joe, and to my blog sibs, Tam, Hilda, Maryanne, Ponytail, Gforce, Maggie, Zoe and everyone else who has contributed to help keep me safe during this awful nightmare.
    I’m sure, I would not still be here and able to keep fighting if it weren’t for you, guys. XO

    And thanks again to you Joe, for RTs and letting me post longer update.
    Last overly lengthy one, promise.

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