Excitement building…

World’s first space hotel to open in 2027 with “activities you can’t do on Earth”.

Like slam dunk a basketball?  Can’t wait.

Mysterious beams of light in the sky have been spotted around the world.

We already did this on Stargate: Atlantis.

Elon Musk says he’s giving serious thought to creating a new social media platform


Dark Empaths: The truth about narcissists with empathetic traits

I know a few of these.

Insomnia is on the rise: A doctor warns melatonin may not be the solution

I’m more of a chamomile tea guy, but do keep melatonin on my nightstand just in case.  You?

Today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “March 29, 2022: My Stargate [redacted] pilot script review – and news of note!

  1. I just want to start taking wild guesses at what’s redacted, but I know you’re too professional to give it away.

    I take melatonin nightly but often negate its effect by staring at my phone or drinking too much water before bed. Otherwise I find it very helpful

    Yes to peanut butter fries (a taste memory from The Bulldog on Richards St in the 90s) and a maybe on the peanut butter burger.

  2. Dark Empaths: I’m pretty sure I know a few of these as well. I didn’t know the term for them, but I learned to avoid them wherever possible, nonetheless.

    Insomnia: That’s an issue that I’ve been struggling with the last few years, mostly due to arthritis. I had to drop nighttime Aleve because it was raising my blood pressure, so now it’s just an occasional Tylenol-PM and a couple of Melatonin tablets. I try not to make it habitual or the effectiveness seems to wear off. After all of that, I am at least averaging 6 hours of sleep with a couple of 1/2 hour to 1 hour excursions of wakefulness in the middle of the night. I might give the chamomile tea a try, though.

    And I’m not sure on the peanut-butter stacker…I may have to make one and give it a try!

  3. Regarding the melatonin use, the article definitely only applies to healthy people. I was officially diagnosed yesterday with a circadian rhythm disorder, which has completed my “sleep is an fickle a-hole” bingo card. JOY.

    I’ve been taking melatonin for years. I’ve had issues with sleep since I hit puberty, & it’s had a substantial negative impact on my health. -4billion/10, DO NOT RECOMMEND. Swipe right like a mofo. Stab that dislike button like you’re trying out for the Psycho remake.

    Yeah, point made? 😉

    And finally, mixing mayo with peanut butter is disgusting to me. And in my bid to eat as healthy as possible, I’ve been forgoing my beloved Mayo for smashed avocado on my sandwiches. 🥺Mayo, I miss you, sweetheart!

    Well, tonight I indulged in a homemade mayo/mustard/fresh garlic spread on my ham sandwich for dinner. And when I say “indulged”, I mean that I’d used four cloves of garlic in two tablespoons of mayo/mustard. My breath is NASTY, but oh-so-delish!
    …you could probably smell it up there. Heh. Sorry.

  4. That space hotel looks like it could be fun. It’s too bad the majority of the worlds population will never be able to afford the trip up and stay to find out.

    Hugs today to Tom Londe and his girl Waffle. And to Tam Dixon who’s battening down the hatches and bracing for the oncoming nasty storm. Stay safe. xo

  5. You’ve done a great job keeping hope alive.

    It sounds like the dark empath would be harder to spot and predict than the usual darks who give themselves away by projecting. I’d still spot them by their actions, though, because I’m immune to the social interference they use and can see the actions in isolation.

    And I’ll still be in more danger from them all after I spot them because I’m terribly transparent and won’t be able to hide what I’m not impressed with. It’s a bad position to have been the earliest to spot a socio/psychopath and they know it.

  6. So Apple TV+ has given the greenlight to a scifi series named Dark Matter. I know it’s based on a book of the same name, but still, changing the title to avoid confusion with our Dark Matter would be more polite to the fans. Or at least adding a subtitle. Adaptations have changed the name for less good reasons.

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