I was distracted by work and sundry other activities this past week so I only read a single book…


The Perfect Crime – Edited by Vasseem Khan and Maxim Jakubowski (Release date: September 13, 2022)

Around the world in 22 murders…
From Lagos to Mexico City, Australia to the Caribbean, Toronto to Los Angeles, Darjeeling to rural New Zealand, London to New York – twenty-two bestselling crime writers from diverse cultures come together from across the world in a razor sharp and deliciously sinister collection of crime stories.

My thoughts: As is the case with most anthologies, this collection of crime-themed fiction is a mixed-bag ranging from the unremarkable to the delightfully clever.  My favorites…

“For Marg” by J.P. Pomare about a farmer haunted by his former wife’s infidelity.

“Jumping Ship” by Oyinkan Braithwaite about a photographer hired to take baby photos for the married man with whom she has been carrying on an affair.

“Paradise Lost” by Abir Mukherjee about a former mob associate looking to start anew and leave his former life behind.

There were some a few other memorable tales, but these three stood out for their deft character work, crackerjack plotting, and ability to genuinely surprise this jaded reader.  All three writers are now firmly on my to-read radar (although Braithwaite has been on my to-read list since her debut novel, My Sister Is A Serial Killer).



And what have YOU been reading?

5 thoughts on “March 27, 2022: Baron’s Book Club Blab Blog!

  1. Still reading the Powder Mage Trilogy, I get very little spare time to read but I am really enjoying the books. Any news on the T.V series? I’d love to see how you tackle the adaptation

  2. Thanks for doing book reviews, Joe.
    Found a couple on your previous lists I’d like to check out while I’m hopefully recovering from 2nd surgery, in May.

    @Tam Very glad you finally found the food that doesn’t make Lucy sick. Had same problem when I was taking care of Katie. She was one of the two older kitties beloved by my former roommate, John, who died last year. Any fun new pics of her to share? She’s so lucky to have you in her life,
    as am I. xo

    Hey Gang.
    Almost there. Received a couple more donations on and offline.
    Love and thanks @Ponytail. Always looking out for me. XO
    Still need to come up with $345.
    Am already working as many hours as i can get.
    Desperately praying you guys can help get me the rest of the way.

    Please help me kick ILC’s ass to the curb and get my life back.
    It has been a long, exhausting, road … but I’m finally getting there.
    Even an RT of the update linked below can help.
    If i remain in Florida, I have little hope for remission under current therapies i qualify for in this state,
    and no hope, with monthly rents jacked up so much higher and local base wages still way too low, of reasonably financially re-stabilizing.

    Too many people, in too many U.S states like Florida, that are corporate economy focused, unnecessary die from cancer each year, simply because they cannot afford and do not qualify on humanitarian grounds for better, more effective, therapies. There are numerous orgs to help children such as St Jude. Programs for the elderly and those who are end stage. But these days, there are so few that can afford to help for the rest of us who are in between. And only in a handful of states such as Massachusetts. Even my reasonably compassionate home state of Colorado said they could not help financially qualify me for the targeted therapies I need. We are just insignificant blips on some big pharma CEO’s and politician’s map. There is nothing wrong with capitalism but when did human decency and compassionate capitalism become such a dirty word?

    Complete update with med fund links.

  3. Maus by Art Spieglman, George by Alex Gino, Circe by Madine Miller. Because I am an elementary school librarian, I often read books for the younger crowd to help them choose from the shelves or at the book fair.

  4. So the time machine is still working, no need for a solar flare while gateing? 😉

    (Release date: September 13, 2022)

  5. This one sounds good!

    I’m reading a murder mystery series by D.K.Hood on Kindle and listening to the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, while I do housework/walk/drive.

    FYI, Murderbot has a very good narrator, Kevin R. Free. Kevin has a great sarcastic tone for the smart ass security bot. If anyone is interested, the first few are novellas so don’t pay a lot for them. Wait for a sale! https://www.audible.com/pd/All-Systems-Red-Audiobook/B076XSGP65?ref=a_series_Mu_c5_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=284b47b1-a5db-4711-9667-612f2ac7458e&pf_rd_r=W9Q32ZJFY4S9A0F3FGYN

    Also, I got my gas/water bill and it was double last month! It’s been moderate temps here, so we haven’t used much recently. The only time I’ve seen it this high was when it got over 100F or under 0F. I’m a little short of mula now. Could be worse.

    A big storm is coming tomorrow. Please, send positive energy down here. It’s very warm and that’s not a good sign. I hope this isn’t the “worst”. 🤞🏻

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