Yes, I forgot to blog yesterday.  And so, in the interest of maintaining my daily streak (but not really), I give you this very late March 18th blog in advance of my March 19th blog post later today…provided I remember.

Meanwhile, on the home front…

Preparing me for the experiment

And the experiment


8 thoughts on “March 18, 2022: But not really.

  1. The universe did seem off in some ineffable way last night, and now I know why. I’m glad the cogs are again synchronized!

  2. Akemi’s gluten free, vegan bread looks pretty good! I had make a few gluten free (not vegan) things for my friend that visited. I’m not a fan of any of gluten free pizza crusts or cakes but some of the other alternatives aren’t bad. Although, when ever we eat out together, the time it takes to order is ridiculous! I feel bad for the waiters/waitresses. I’d have to say I’m pro gluten for many reasons. 😉

    TGBBS had a few episodes on vegan dishes. Did you know that the juice from a can of chick peas can be whipped up into a vegan meringue? It took a long time of whipping and it wasn’t as stable as egg whites. Still, pretty cool!

    I hope this weekend is burger weekend for you! 🙋‍♀️

  3. Do you need a reminder for your Mar.19th blog entry?

    I have some honey roasted chickpeas. I can only taste the honey. But it is not bad. I’d buy another bag. And yes I’m on a diet and desperate.

  4. Nice shirt, Joe! I wore mine when the live action series dropped.

    Yes, I have opinions about it, but I usually don’t share them as I’d anger (infuriate) both the purists & the n00bs. Heh.

    So. Gluten-free vegan bread, huh? I love Akemi’s adventurous spirit. I also love how you negate the vegan-ness by slathering butter on the roll. Good man. 😉 You know, those rolls might make for good sushi… or mini Worcestershire/teriyaki/toasted sesame marinated tuna sliders?

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