My sister sent me the following photos from back in the day…


Yo, where’s the flood?  I also suspect this was just some random car we were posing against as I distinctly recall my father’s tank-like maroon Ford LTD.


For some inexplicable reason, my mother liked to keep my hair long when I was a kid, thus ensuring I was occasionally mistaken for a girl in elementary school.  My sister, on the other hand, always sported a bowl-cut secured her standing as my little brother, Andy.


The fashion crimes in this single picture!  If your parents were Russian spies who sought to infiltrate Western society using bad intelligen, this is how they would dress their kids.


Me in the ubiquitous Canadian parka.


My most horrified injury happened during 4th grade gym class when the trampoline we were setting up swung back, snapping my arm in two places.  I wore a cast for two months.  Then x-rays revealed the hospital had set the bone wrong so I had to go back in so that they could re-break it.  How, pray tell, does a medical professional re-break an arm?  Simple?  Some big guys just applies pressure until it fractures.  And no, I didn’t receive any painkillers.


Clearly wary about the possibility that this photo would pop up online decades later.


Pictured here with my bouffant hairdo standing alongside my sister and our poodle, Snoopy.  Because, at that age, everyone called their dog Snoopy regardless of breed.

7 thoughts on “February 17, 2022: Flashback!

  1. You were (and still are) so gosh darn cute! That story about your arm makes me cringe. No pain drugs back then? Guess what? Due to the pain medication addiction crisis, you might not get any today either. Surely not! I bet today they would do surgery, put you under and fix your poor arm.

    In that black and white picture up there… is your sister sitting on your mom’s lap? Your mom looks so groovy! Like a Hippie!

    I am going through 20 very large photo albums my mom had that date back to 1951. I don’t have room for these albums so I am pulling out all the pictures and sending them to family members. A couple younger nieces are having babies and are wondering who their kids look like – which side of the family. They love seeing pictures of their dad (my brother) who died when his 5 kids were younger. It takes many hours to take care of just one photo album. Some pictures are getting cut up and thrown away and the good ones are being divided out. Fun yet a lot of work.

  2. The history of painkiller use tells you where you stand. A queen was the first to get anesthesia for childbirth and premature newborns only recently got anything but a paralytic for surgery. The less you can complain, the less your pain matters. There are still conditions more common in kids like boils that need lanced where they’ll say pain killers won’t work anyway. It’s bull. Yeah a kid will scream anyway but whether anyone has to hear it isn’t the point of painkillers.

  3. That tuff hair is very cool, like a young Greg Brady. And those groovy patterns and flares were the coolest back in the day, my mom dressed us like puritans as kids because she felt 70’s styles were dangerously flashy and hippyish.

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