Back in 2016, when we adopted Suji, she came with a wheelchair.  Either due to a spine issue, hip dysplasia, or muscular atrophy (or, more likely, a combination of all three), she was unable to walk and got around by dragging her self around on the strength of her front legs.  In time, we got her walking again – first with the help of a sling and then, after plenty of laser, hydrotherapy and massage, on her own.  She was wobbly but determined.  A half block stroll became one.  Then one became two.  And, before we knew it, that wheelchair was a thing of the past as Suji became a pretty damn good walker – not exactly, but quick or her feet whenever in pursuit of any dogs she felt had slighted her.  Over the past couple of months or so, however, she has slowed down.  First, it was a gimpy left hindquarter, that had her veering to the right whenever we went out, thus earning her the nickname Tokyo Drift.  She tired out quicker and was suddenly more vulnerable to those dreaded leg cramps she used to do get when we first adopted her.  Then, a couple of days ago, she stopped walking completely.  Akemi suspects this may have been the result of a recent wipeout on an icy patch during a recent outing, one that possibly sprained her right front paw.  I do notice that she seems uncomfortable putting weight on it and, since her front legs were always stronger than her rear quarters, shifting the weight off her weak paws doesn’t appear to be an option.  There are no strong paws.  And so, hopeful that this is just a temporary setback, we are giving her the opportunity to rest up her paw, not demanding too much from her outside of the occasional assisted carpet run – down the elevators and back – just to keep those muscles spry.  Regular massages and in-home exercises are also twice daily activities she doesn’t seem to mind = but, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to love either.  Hopefully, this time next week, she’ll be on the road to recovery and trying to stumble after other dogs once again.

Knocking back bonito flakes…

Tumeric, egg membrane, and mussel soup.  Good for her joints!

Egg yolk.  Good for her belly!

And the reward after a long day of exercising…



4 thoughts on “February 6, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Poor SujiQ. Hopefully Akemi is right and she just needs a recovery period. She sure is a pretty girl.

  2. I hope she recovers comfortable mobility. She still seems to enjoy a good quality of life, but the ability to walk is an important part of that. You folks have done and are doing such an amazing job with her! May there be more good days to come both for her and you. Dogs are incredible family members and we want them to go on forever.

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