Meanwhile, on the home front…

It reminds me of a Chinese restaurant I used to frequent in Montreal.  Whenever serving me, one waiter would always say: “Take your time, Jerry.  Take your time.”


Today’s Yes/No…


6 thoughts on “January 25, 2022: Meanwhile, on the home front…

  1. My cat would like the rest of your crab guts. I heard you right, crab guts? So, did you find out if they needed to be cooked?

    Yes on the brutal honesty. I’d much rather know the truth than try to distinguish lies.

  2. Referring to that article about THC helping Covid, my friend in Louisville, KY owns several THC shops and had to close them for about two weeks. All her staff caught Covid around the same time. They all recovered without problems, so … Take that as you will. 😉

  3. Joe, sorry. Squid and crab guts sound disgusting! Squid tastes like the sole of a rubber sneaker and I intensely dislike premium crab meat, much less their guts! No,, none for me. That’s a hard pass.

    However, maple pancake ice cream for breakfast sounds marvelous!

  4. I remember when I was in Thailand and ordered a beer with my meal. The workers taking the order made some strange looks. After a while I saw a bike coming back and a few moments later a worker brought a beer to the table. Guess they went out to get the beer and didn’t want to tell us they didn’t have any

  5. My face was scrunched up the entire time during that video. That is so gross. No way would I brave that and eat it. Yuk! I bet Suji would love it.

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