News of note….

Really looking forward to not seeing this!

Hollywood planning movie about the January 6th insurrection.

In a totally legit poll, the Chinese ranked Canada as the worst country in the world…

Singapore jumps to China’s favorite country in 2021, as Canada falls to bottom.

Topping the list to no one’s surprise: China.

Daily glass of wine NOT good for you.

My grandmother who loved to the ripe old age of 112 would have probably begged to differ.

Neuralink could soon implant its brain chips in humans.

But think of the conveniences!


What’s the record for most pizza meals in a row?  Asking for a friend.

Today’s Yes/No…


I’m a huge fan of nama chocolate, a ganache that is at least 40% chocolate and 10% cream by weight, and no more than 10% water.  And THIS is my favorite nama chocolate…


It comes in various flavors (but I prefer the matcha) and can be picked up at the Narita Airport duty free before you get on your flight.  Akemi’s favorite Japanese YouTuber advises visitors not to worry about shopping for gifts as their trip winds down.  Just grab a bunch of Royce’s at the airport and you’re good to go!

5 thoughts on “January 20, 2022: News of Note!

  1. What did you do to piss off the Chinese?

    This blog is so jam packed, it made my eyes cross.

  2. If you wanted to be number one, then Canada shouldn’t have sent them a package of Covid! 😉 What did Trudeau really do to get their panties in a bunch?

    The M & M thing, they wanted attention and now they have it.

    You would have to ask my son about his pizza diet. The other night, we had a pizza delivery at our house. Neither my hubby or I ordered pizza. Turns out my son ordered it and sent it to the wrong address. I called him and said “Thanks for the pizza but next time get bread sticks, too.” I took pity on him (he was a little sick) and dropped it off at his house. It would have been funny to eat a slice and not say anything but I didn’t. 😇 My hubby I should have taken one slice as “tax”.

    Those pizza’s you pictured looked wonderful!

    Did you see the newest Alec Baldwin lawsuit? FYI, I’m not a Trump voter but this…. I don’t envy his defense team.

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