Started reading a new book, had a zoom strategy session, discussed another project, sent off the polish of my last pilot, researched the new feature (specifically 1930’s road trips), did some stock research, completed a Korean lesson, completed a Japanese lesson, and blocked about 200 accounts on twitter.  A full yet satisfying day.

Here in Toronto, we’re locked down (yet again) until January 17th by which point Covid will no longer be a threat OR there won’t be anymore small businesses to frequent. I’ve heard that, on the heels of this latest shutdown announcement, a number of my favorite restaurants have just said “Screw it!” and closed their kitchens, opting out of even doing take-out.  Hopefully, they’ll still be in a position to open their doors once the dust settles on this latest salvo to their bottom line.


So what, in your opinion, is the ideal number of pillows?  Akemi, who doesn’t sleep with any (thus rendering her opinion on the matter invalid) feels that five is too many, this despite the fact that she gifted me two pillows for Christmas, one of which is the size of an elephant’s leg.  You need one pillow on which to rest your feet in order to keep your legs elevated (because it seems like the right thing to do), two flanking pillows, one pillow to clutch to your chest, one pillow to rest your head on, and one pillow to rest atop your head to obscure the intrusive light of your wife’s cell phone in the event she wakes up in the dead of night to watch.

This is why I avoid winter sports…

Today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “January 11, 2022: How many pillows is too many?

  1. Hey, Joe, I solve the extraneous light issue with a sleep mask. Bonus. The sleep mask warms my nose.

    I buy inexpensive sleep masks at dollar or hobby stores and save those I’ve received on international flights.

    Cotton bandannas and wide elastic headbands work n a pinch.

  2. I was wondering what if you had a whole bed that was just one big pillow! But then, would it just be a futon? ponders

    Anyway, that hot dog concoction looks like it might be okay except for the Froot Loops. That addition just seems bizarre and superfluous. And can you swap out the mac ‘n cheese for chili? Then I’m good.

  3. Two are too many, unless they are really flat and lousy, then maybe two, but no more. And they only belong under your head. On the other hand, zero is definitely too few. What you describe is insanity!

    The socks are the issue around here. For me, zero is the only number for socks.

  4. I just read an article about the number of pillows you sleep with. It is suppose to say something about either your personality or mental health. I can’t remember exactly what it said. (Boy, I’m starting to sound like my mom.) I sleep with 3 pillows and I remember that was bad. The more pillows the worse it got. So I quit reading the article. Any filed it under “Shut The F— Up!”.

    Originally I said I’d pick the Fruit Loops off and eat them later. But I’ve decided to get rid of the Mac too. You can leave the cheese. And leave the bacon of course. Also, like Gforce, Id like chili on mine too. With onions! LOTS of onions!

  5. Yes, to the fruit loops! Sweet and savory sometimes goes together (syrup and bacon).

    I saw the video of the ski lift. It looked a long way down, so I think I’d suck it up and stay for the rescue. I hope they compensated whoever was up there.

    My hubby is always making fun of my pillow count but then he steals my favorite feather pillow, when I’m not looking. 👀 I think he’s jealous.

    I had my back epidural yesterday and I hope it’s worth it!

  6. Sorry, Joe, I’m a side sleeper, although I sometimes like to pack myself in front and back with pillows in the dead of winter.

    I wouldn’t have gotten on the ski lift in the first place, but assuming I had, I would just wait for the rescue and then expect some sort of humongous compensation.

    Yes, please, to the hot dog concoction. Sounds yummy!

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