My lunch plans got rescheduled so I ended up opening up a can of emergency corned beef I found in the back of the pantry, frying it up ’til crispy, then serving oy over rice with some avocado and some maple-sriracha.   Delicious.  And queasy, fifteen minutes after eating.  Thus, my dessert was limited to a chalky mint Pepcid.

Two pieces of chocolate.

A spoonful of red velvet martini ice cream.

I’ve spent the better part of this week trying to break the pilot for the second script of my two series development deal.  This one has been admittedly tricky.  It’s less high concept than my previous works, quieter, more character-centered, with a central mystery that I haven’t quite fully worked out.  A lot of moving pieces here and I need to figure out how to fit them together in a dramatically satisfying fashion.  I’m hoping that it will all fall into place for me – as it usually does – in a sudden and unexpected moment of clarity while I’m thinking about something else entirely.  Hopefully sooner than later.

This is one of the reasons I juggle so many projects.  It’s very easy to get bogged down on a script or scene, spending hours, days, even weeks spinning your wheels without gaining any creative traction.  But having another project on deck allows you to shift gears and refocus, tackling the problems inherent in an entirely different world, eventually allowing you to return to that original issue refreshed, those hitherto dormants part of your imagination awakened and ready to process a new challenge.

OR you get distracted by social media and end the day feeling exhausted despite the fact that very little was accomplished.

But today; not a bad day.

Today’s Yes/No…


4 thoughts on “November 22, 2021: Putting the pieces together on this latest project!

  1. Creative juices can’t be forced. Some of my best songs have been written on the back of Kleenex boxes in the middle of the night. I wake up suddenly, jot it all down, and go right back to sleep. I hate trying to compose music on a deadline.

    Sure on the burger as a meal for me and three friends or if I can portion it out for a handful of meals. I’m not picky, so leftovers work for me. Otherwise, no human should ever consume that much meat in one sitting without a paramedic standing by.

  2. The Berry flavored Pepcid is the best. Like candy! Not chalky at all.

    Who keeps a can of corned beef in their pantry? Just wondering… I think my “corned-beef-go-to-in-case-of-emergency” is Beefaroni.

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