“Excuse me, sir.  I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’m sitting in the green section.”

“Sir.  Sir!  Would you like to see my digital honor badge?!”

Today’s Yes/No…

Use of the word “numbing” is not a translation error.  Szechuan peppercorns are not only spicy but actually numb your tongue.  Similar to Japanese sansho.

From the Stargate vault- some beautiful artwork courtesy of Production Designer James Robbins for Abyss:

Screen-shot-2021-11-15-at-123209-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-15-at-123223-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-15-at-123237-pm Screen-shot-2021-11-15-at-123249-pm

2 thoughts on “November 15, 2021: Catching up!

  1. Loving that amber tones in that Stargate window, my apt has suffered from the pandemic of it all, my Lysol wipe station, hand sanitizers and cleaning sprays are on constant display as are my numerous dry goods hidey holes, so that I’ll either repurchase things I already have and can’t find or I’ll be certain I have for example udon and then skip ordering them to my own peril. Can’t think when I would enjoy a numb mouth, I’ll stick to my current stash of vinegar kettle chips dipped in sriracha ketchup.

  2. I always love seeing stained glass patterns. Those were good ones you posted. The ones on SGA were very nice, too. They reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. Was that on purpose? His designs are always so clean, and calming. I have one of the windows on my list wish of projects. We used to make windows a few years ago.

    As for the chips, I’d give them a go but I would want a glass of milk handy. 😉

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