It’s been three long years since the alien incursion that has wrought havoc over the galaxy.  Billions of lives have been lost, countless worlds destroyed.  Finally, however, salvation presents itself in the form of an unfathomable piece of technology, couriered from an alien reality by a long-lost former member of the Raza crew. IT holds the key to turning the tables on the other-worldly invaders, but it is also only one piece of an intricate puzzle.  To pull this off, our heroes will have to  track down and reunite their departed crew members, ally themselves with the Galactic Authority, duplicitous corporations, and a  faction of rebel androids committed to overthrowing the anthroparchy – human rule.  They’ll forge new alliances, suffer surprising betrayals, and risk it all for one final shot at redemption.

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Dark Matter – The Miniseries
Dark Matter – The Miniseries
Dark Matter – The Miniseries

14 thoughts on “Dark Matter – The Miniseries (summary)

  1. The miniseries summary sounds pretty awesome! How can the executives not support this?!

  2. Oh man, as brutal as the DM cancellation was originally, it’ll hurt even more if I don’t get to see this on my screen. Thanks for sharing this pitch with us, Joe, and let Netflix know they’ll lose my subscription if they’re dumb enough to pass. Or I can tell them myself when the Tweet storm is unleashed.

  3. The way “IT” is capitalized sounds ominous, if intentional.

    The second concept drawing is especially cool!

  4. Willie Garison (Martin Lloyd, SG-1: 200, Wormhole X-Treme!) has died of cancer. He was 57.

    I loved his characters on SG-1. He played the perfect “every man”, “guy nextdoor” type.

  5. Four more years of Trudeau… I’m surprised he was allowed to have an election. That’s a major difference between Canada and the U.S., I suppose. Still, it sounds like the Trudeau’s election came at a big price tag for the country and had very little change. He’s sound like a a true career politician! 🙂

    Is the miniseries a sure thing or are they still negotiating? I hope all the original actors can sign on.

    R.I P. Will Garson. Another great talent gone from this world. 🙁

  6. Fans, request “Dark Matter Season 4” and “Dark Matter Season 5” at https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest

    Joe is pitching them as a couple of 6-episode miniseries to be conservative, but you could even specifically say “Preferably as full 13-episode seasons!” on your forms. He’s confirmed that won’t sabotage things.

  7. Any chance of seeing some officially licensed Dark Matter merchandise as well? Such as posters, t-shirts, etc?

  8. I honestly love this show and would love to see it get a proper finish! So excited and hope some company takes on this project to give it its due!

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