FIVE: Once immature and overwhelmed, the crew member formerly nicknamed The Kid has come a long way, assuming command of the ship and fulfilling her destiny as a leader.  But she will face her first real challenge in a quest that will test her resolve, and her willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.


SIX: The former Galactic Authority Officer gone rogue returns from a three year exile armed with a deeper understanding of their mysterious enemy as well as the key to defeating them.  He will have to find a way to adjust to a galaxy – and home – that has changed greatly since his departure.


ANDROID: From a simple utility model to a beloved member of the crew, our Android has grown into her role as the Raza’s heart and digital soul.  Her journey to enlightenment continues as  her encounter with the unfathomable alien threat will shed new light on her backstory as well as her bewilderingly human-like emotions.

Other familiar faces will return to join Raza crew in their gamble to take out the alien threat: Lieutenant Anders of the Galactic Authority, the Mikkei Combine’s Commander Truffault, Stellar Defense Corp Sergeant Solara Shockley, former handler Adrian Maro, self-seeking merc Wexler, and a few more surprises.

Today’s Yes/No…

And a little something from the Stargate vault…

The Dark Matter Miniseries Pitch – The Characters (part 2)
The Dark Matter Miniseries Pitch – The Characters (part 2)

8 thoughts on “The Dark Matter miniseries pitch – The Characters (Part 2)

  1. That’s intriguing about the Android.

    Hmm, “former” handler, so what is Adrian up to now, I wonder?

    “More surprises”, but of course.

    Thanks so much for uploading these pitch segments; I hope there are a few more!

  2. Time has passed since Dark Matter aired it’s third season. What will be interesting is to see how all the actors have changed over the years if you get the miniseries. Especially Five. She is not going to be a kid anymore.

    (I just looked up Jodelle Ferland. Oh my gosh she is still only 26 years old!! Still a kid! Never mind…)

  3. Love the DM updates! I really hope this mini-series happens.

    Congratulations on Canada’s election! I’m not sure how it works there. How long does that give Trudeau before he runs for office again?

    1. He’s got another four years but he’ll probably call another election the first time he feels it’s opportune for him. Maybe two years from now. Who knows?

  4. Hm, a sweet tamal would make me wish I had a savory tamal, not sure on the flavor but if it’s as good as sweet corn biscuit that might be very tasty too. I wasn’t a fan of the creamed corn and evaporated milk drink called chicheme but it’s another sweet corn desertish treat.

  5. Just found this thread. Love the pitch for the mini-series. Hope the work continues and the word spreads.

  6. I would try to pitch it to Amazon, they saved The Expanse from Syfy and now that it’s done maybe they’d be willing to take another look.·

    Actually yeah Amazon would be better. Bezos is all into scifi.

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