TWO: She was at one time the Raza’s fearsome commander, but her priorities have since changed.  Now a mother to a five year old girl, she has made her daughter a priority, abandoning her space-faring lifestyle in favor of a quiet existence on a remote world.  But with the looming encroachment of the alien invaders, she rejoins her former crew-mates for one final battle, and the promise of a peaceful future for her young daughter.


THREE:   Separated from the woman he loves for over three years, he has been on an unending mission to find her.  And he will, eventually – only to discover she has changed in unexpected ways.  Once a caring young woman stricken with an incurable disease, she has abandoned her human body in favor of a synthetic android form.  But in so doing, she has inadvertently set them both on a dangerous and ultimately tragic path.


RYO ISHIDA:  The amnesiac former crew member once known as FOUR has forged a new path since reacquiring his old memories and identity as Ryo Ishida, Emperor of Zairon.  His throne usurped, his homeworld now in shambles, he is a fugitive who roams the space ways  like a wandering ronin, seeking one last shot at redemption.

(I’ll post the second part on Monday).

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The best of two flavor profiles: spicy and ice creamy.

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4 thoughts on “Dark Matter miniseries pitch – The Characters (Part 1)

  1. Exciting! And great pictures.

    So if Katie is five years old now, she was one-to-two during the series.

  2. Loving catching up with where our characters are and need more, more! Where they are in life is exciting and so true to these amazing characters, yes!

    How have I lived this long without knowing about white holes, my brain is now buzzing with DM possibilities and cool science.

    Had my best sushi prep of all time (of the half dozen attempts at least), my sis explained what type of roe I need so I’ll be on the hunt at my grocer for more ingredients, I still need to find the right sesame seeds.

  3. Sooooo, do you plan to stop calling the characters by their number? New viewers are going to notice “One” is missing. I can just hear it…

    Hey Mr. Mallozzi, you can’t count! You don’t have a number one.

    You can fix this. After all, this is Science FICTION. You can do anything.

  4. Oh well. At least I still have Three to drool over. Make Four grow his hair long and that would be nice too. 🙂

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