We OPEN ON the stillness of space. Suddenly, a crackle of energy and ship drops out of FTL (Faster Than Light).

Fans of the show will recognize it as The Raza, our hero ship. But for newbies who may not be familiar with what has come before – that’s alright. No research required. Our story has you covered. We CUT TO:

The bridge of the ship where we discover the ship’s commander, FIVE, a resolute young women in her mid-twenties flanked by a quirky female Android. They are waiting for… someone. Soon, that someone arrives –

In the form of five destroyer class corporate ships belonging to the Mikkei Combine under the command of their Commander Truffault. The Android immediately relays a set of coordinates and –

The six corporate ships take up positions. Then, as one, they fire their concentrated energy weapons towards a specific area of space. And, as they do, the sustained energy appears to have an effect – creating a breech in space-time, tiny at first, then growing exponentially.

On board the Raza, the Android reports. She is picking up an anomalous reading from the heart of the space-time window. FIVE holds her breath.

Suddenly, two alien ships drop out of FTL and immediately fire on the corporate vessels. The Raza runs interference, engaging the attackers in a spectacular dog fight, allowing the corporate ships to continue to concentrate their fire on the growing singularity until –

A small shuttle, the Marauder, emerges from the space-time breech. The corporate ships, their work complete, immediately jump to FTL, leaving the Raza to take on the alien vessels, holding them off just long enough for the shuttle to dock with them. The Raza escapes, jumping to FTL and, as it does, we CUT TO:

Inside the ship where FIVE and the Android are reunited with a long-lost crew member SIX, who has been trapped on the other side of that breech for over three years. It’s a bittersweet reunion because a lot has changed since he went away… 


More to come tomorrow!

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20 thoughts on “Dark Matter miniseries pitch – Teaser

  1. Well your hook has me hooked! Great way to set up the exposition of what has happened in the last three years by having Six need to be filled in. Looking forward to more.

  2. Yay, exciting! Count on Five and the Android to have a plan to get Six back.

    I hope Tash is still in it.

    Not to pick nits, but wouldn’t Five be “early” twenties rather than “mid”, since she was 16/17 at the end of Season 3 (confirmed as 16 at the start of Season 2, and seasons were said to be much less than a year long in-universe so she’d be 17 at most during the finale)?

  3. Wow! It would be great to see the cast again. Thanks for The Tease!

    I’m not sure drinkable whipped cream is for me. At least, not to drink but maybe, pour it over a dessert?

    When I was at my Mom’s, she sent me a few tomatoes that she purchased from an Amish farm. I’ve been slicing them, adding a sprinkle of salt and yum! I’m going to miss those tomatoes. 🙁

    On a health note, I’ve scheduled a flu shot for Friday. Yes people, it’s flu shot time!

  4. How’s Trudeau looking in the polls there? I noticed he’s upped his game by adding $10/per day daycare. That has to be Government subsidized, yes?

    Did you see the new governor of NY is adding a mask mandate for 2 yr kids in daycare? 2 years old!? I couldn’t keep socks on my 2 yr old son, so I’m sure the day care will have to hire more workers to concentrate on mask duty. The world has gone crazy….

    Newsome won his race, so his work with the homeless is finished. He won’t be out there anymore sweeping up homeless camps. 😉

    1. Back to French Laundry for him!

      Yes, at this point Trudeau will say anything to get elected. That cake-walk election he called (only halfway through his mandate and even though he swore he wouldn’t) might be a little tighter than he initially assumed.

  5. I’m in! The teaser has me eager for more.

    Drinkable whipped cream sounds like tons of excess calories. How is that different from a carton of liquid whipping cream waiting to be whipped into something or poured into coffee?

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG! This is amazing. It sent chills just seeing this play out in my mind. Can’t wait for more and to see it with the original cast! Fingers crossed!

  7. I need to see this show. Not want, need!

    Drinkable whipped cream sounds like a terrible and awesome idea. I mean, it’s a road to an early death. But it would be a happy death?

  8. It would be great to see Dark Matter on again. I’m afraid it will get on a channel I don’t have. I wish channels like HBO, SHO, TMC, or Netflix etc would “rent” out their time in blocks… like you could buy one night 8pm to 10pm for $2.00 (or something like that). That way I don’t have to pay more to subscribe monthly to a premium channel, but could just watch a few shows and only pay for that time I’m watching.

    @Tam – I get my flu shot on Monday. Got to get it before the Booster rush starts.

    1. Funny story about cream though. One morning my wife couldn’t find any for her coffee. It turns out our son who was about 4 at the time thought it was milk that was “just kind of weird” and drank a pint of it.

  9. The teaser is great! I’m like the movie producer in “The Scarlet Pumpernickel”: “And!? And!?”

    I don’t know if you’re looking for grammatical critiques but:

    FIVE, a resolute young women

    should be “woman”, singular.

    creating a breech in space-time
    emerges from the space-time breech
    other side of that breech

    should be “breach” . . . unless the ships are coming out butt first. 😛

    Drinkable cream? What will they think of next? And here I’ve been using it to spackle the walls all these years.

      1. Glad season 2 is comming. Im am haof way thru season 1 for the 3 rd time. LOL

  10. I’m sorry to post again but I have a quick question. Have you cut down on the bourbon on the Drunken Uncles? It was 1 cup of bourbon but I thought later, you reduced the amount.


    1. No, the exact opposite. The recipe called for one tablespoon and we increased it to one cup.

      1. Joe, I am beginning to worry about your drinking. Downing it straight, cooking with excessive amounts of it in your food, or getting drunk with your relatives. Do I need to form an intervention group for you? 🙂

  11. Is this really happening, or just a theory plot idea for if Netflix agrees to resume the show. Dark matter was the first show I absolutely loved on Netflix followed closely by sons of anarchy and then the walking dead. My hopes are high that they pickup from that cliffhanger as I’ve told everyone I know how great the show and characters are. Zoie palmer kills it as the android, and deserves proper recognition. All the characters are great. Please sell DARK MATTER TSHIRTS so I can advertise for the show to continue. Easily deserves as many seasons as TWD or GOT.

    1. This is a pitch Joe has been working on since finishing a rewatch in July and getting mad about the cancellation all over again. He’s sent it to Jay Firestone recently and they’re going to pitch Netflix. The 6-episode miniseries will condense the planned Season 4, and leave a hook for a second miniseries condensing Season 5. (The show was always planned to have a five-season arc, not unlike Babylon 5)

      Fans can help out by requesting “Dark Matter Season 4” and “Dark Matter Season 5” at

      Joe is pitching them as a couple of miniseries to be conservative but you can even specifically say “Preferably as full 13-episode seasons!” on your forms. He’s confirmed that won’t sabotage things.

      There are Dark Matter T-shirts here, for instance:

      You might also be interested in reading about the extensive “What Could Have Been” that Joe has revealed for the show so far, which I fleshed out on the Trivia subpage for Dark Matter on TV Tropes Wiki recently:

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