7 thoughts on “September 12, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. If hot sauce expires, it may have more to do with the brand no longer feeling responsible for the flavor. A certain amount of fermentation is part of many hit sauce flavors but too much would change the flavor.

    All food gains histamines over time, fermented ones are loaded with them. People make their own DAO to counter that histamine. Those of us who don’t make enough have to take a DAO supplement in order not to break out in hives eating kimchi, despite not being allergic to any individual ingredient. Anyone could blow past their DAO supply by eating a food laden with enough histamine. My DAO supplement is just freeze dried beef kidney, BTW, so maybe beef kidney marinated in expired hot sauce would be the perfect dish.

  2. The symptoms of having eaten past your histamine limit vary. Stomach pain is one of the earlier ones.

  3. ❤️ Suji pics!

    Yes to Dumplings!

    Ponytail: Yay on getting your brother vaxxed! My hubby’s work has the same requirement and they lost around 1% of the employees. Friday was the deadline. He works at a children’s research hospital, so I would HOPE they would be more diligent.

    One of my brothers was dragging his feet on getting his shot, too but I “think” I’ve finally made progress on that front. He’s got COPD and is 63! 🙄 He SAYS he’s going this week. (fingers crossed)

    If y’all could send prayers/good wishes to a friend that’s recovering from covid. Please send some to a lady named Dana. She’s in the hospital post covid with espohageal swelling. Dana is a kick ass 70+ yrs fellow karate student (I believe she’s 5th or 6th degree black belt). She’s into line dancing, karate and kav ma grav and traveling. I’m praying she’s back to fighting form soon! When you’re in pain or feeling ill, that really makes you feel your age though. 🙁

    Good luck with your fantasy football team!

    I’ve finished mowing, I’m watching netflix and sipping a mojito. 🙂

    I posted the above on yesterday. 😬

  4. If the amount of thinking is proportional to the amount of tongue, Suji must be solving quantum gravity some days.

  5. A chigi dog story.

    I was sitting at the top of the basement steps calling to a kid to stay on task getting her clothes. I ordered the dog to kill a cricket at the entrance to the basement. (The cricket’s pre-crime is being food for a spider who’s suspected of biting me.) She pretended she thought I called her and came up the stairs to sit beside me – not an uncommon ruse. Disappointed, I ignored her and told the kid again to pick her clothes out.

    Then, a water pitcher that was supposed to be stored on a shelf fell down the steps and almost hit the cricket. The dog went down the steps and made some attempts at biting the cricket, but couldn’t get her teeth close enough as the cricket kept shrinking into the carpet. The dog then rolled over the cricket, got up and bit it successfully this time, and rolled on it once more for good measure. I don’t know what the rolling accomplished but it worked and was certainly an unconventional way for a dog to kill. Her out of the box thinking made me wonder, did she throw the water pitcher at that cricket?

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