The fantasy football season kicked off on Thursday and I am positively indifferent, this despite the fact that my Snow Monkeys are playing in three leagues.  My enthusiasm, formerly reserved for player stats, waiver wire prospects, and analyst projections has now shifted to valuation metrics, chart patterns, and analyst projections.  It’s $BTU over Brady, $NOC over Nuk, $GD and $EPD over the Ravens D.  The funds for my annual subscriptions to DAZN and Fantasypros have been redirected to GuruFocus and Fastgraphs.  And like those deceased investors who outperform their  peers on the strength of their ability to hold for the long haul, I’m going to find out if a similar disinterested laissez-faire approach will finally yield a long overdue championship.

Wish me luck – because when it comes to fantasy football, that’s really all it comes down to!

Which segues nicely into today’s Yes/No…

On the heels of yesterday’s blog reference to the Dark Mater miniseries and my idea to possibly have a cast member record an audio version pitch, no less than four former cast members reached out to volunteer their services.  And I have no doubt hat if and when the others get around to reading the blog entry, they’ll be equally game.  I am truly touched.  Every one of them was a joy to work with and I do miss them.

Came across this on the Stargate subreddit via user @thelegoroom…

Screen-shot-2021-09-11-at-43906-pm Screen-shot-2021-09-11-at-43918-pm

Head on over, check out the rest of the pics, and give ’em some love:

Got to practice my terrible French recently…

It’s about time…

China wants to build a mega spaceship that’s nearly a mile long

You’ve been warned…

The Saladbots Are Coming!

6 thoughts on “$BTU over Brady, $NOC over Nuk, $GD and $EPD over the Ravens D!

  1. The most I got from those first few paragraphs is that you’re 🙌 on the local hot sauce commodities market.

    I feel that I like the idea of the hot chicken dumplings more than my stomach would.

  2. @Tam Dixon – My brother works for American Airlines. They are now requiring all employees to get the vaccination. Whew! I thought they would eventually. Thank you American! I hope my brother doesn’t come up with an approved excuse not to get it. Did he get the Flu shot? Oh hell no. He don’t need no nothing like that! Never has gotten a Flu shot and never will and you can’t make him. He is real cute and real sweet, but good Lord is he dumb!

  3. The scotch bonnet hot sauce we bought growing up was sold in teensy bottles because a little went a long way, you’d never get through a big bottle of it when a few drops was enough. A big bottle of tangy barbecue sauce makes sense to me, as does the second giant bottle of sriacha I’m plowing through (it goes with everything).

    Yes to those dumplings, so delicious looking. I’d love some but will settle for making sushi for lunch later, the sushi rice is ready and with anly luck most of the rice will stay in the sushi at my feeble attempt to cut the roll; slowly getting tiny bit better each time.

  4. Yes to Dumplings!

    Ponytail: Yay on getting your brother vaxxed! My hubby’s work has the same requirement and they lost around 1% of the employees. Friday was the deadline. He works at a children’s research hospital, so I would HOPE they would be more diligent.

    One of my brothers was dragging his feet on getting his shot, too but I “think” I’ve finally made progress on that front. He’s got COPD and is 63! 🙄 He SAYS he’s going this week. (fingers crossed)

    If y’all could send prayers/good wishes to a friend that’s recovering from covid. Please send some to a lady named Dana. She’s in the hospital post covid with espohageal swelling. Dana is a kick ass 70+ yrs fellow karate student (I believe she’s 5th or 6th degree black belt). She’s into line dancing, karate and kav ma grav and traveling. I’m praying she’s back to fighting form soon! When you’re in pain or feeling ill, that really makes you feel your age though. 🙁

    Good luck with your fantasy football team!

    I’ve finished mowing, I’m watching netflix and sipping a mojito. 🙂

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