Sometimes, when I complain of stomach pain after using my hot sauces, she’ll be like: “See!  It’s gone bad!” to which I rightly point out: “It’s hot sauce.  That’s how you know it’s working!”

What’s next?  Transfer Transit?

Weird, no?  What’s next?  Dreamcather’s Red Sun?

Today’s Yes/No…

Truthfully, I prefer my mackerel raw rather than cooked.  Same goes for tuna.


My lunch date.


Carbing up before cardio is bullshit advice.  I ate three pieces of cornbread before hitting the treadmill and my performance was less than optimal.

5 thoughts on “September 9, 2021: Untitled Blog Entry #291!

  1. The hot sauce has gone bad, Joe. You know it. That reminds me of that Simpson’s episode where Homer wouldn’t give up the long expired hoagie. Sometimes it’s better to part when the memories are still good.

    The idea of chocolate mackerel is absolutely appalling. That said, one time I did eat a tuna/After Eight mint sandwich (on a dare). The tastes were so incompatible that it basically tasted like nothing.

  2. Even motor oil expires. Eventually it becomes sluggy. I think. I bet hot sauce becomes hotter and tangier. That’s when it starts burning a whole in your stomach. I think. Do what Akemi says.

  3. Sometimes, when I complain of stomach pain after using my hot sauces I thought you had a cast iron stomach? It’s nice to know you’re still human. 😉

    Beautiful lunch date!

    That corn bread looks so pale but if you ate three pieces it must have been good. My Aunt Dot used to make the BEST cornbread. She would heat up this iron skillet in the oven with bacon grease. Then when the pan was sizzling hot, she would pour the cornbread batter in and bake it. It would come out of the oven with a beautiful golden brown color on the top but the bottom would be crispy brown. That was some good cornbread.

    It’s a Mom trip day. 🚗 I’m heading to the pool for a quick mile of laps before we go. My back does not like long car trips.

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