Hmmm.   It would appear MGM has completely forgotten the existence of three Stargate series.  Please help remind them…

Today’s Yes/No…

Yesterday, we received the final art work for “Project F” from illustrator Henry Fong.  The absolutely stunning pieces included character designs, a detailed design of The Citadel including its Embarkation Chamber, Second World near future Gangnam, and Third World far future New York.  Regarding the character designs, I absolutely love his renditions of Reza, Berniece, and Captain Dran, but the adjusted designs on Roosen and Mouse hold a special place in my heart.  I am dying to show them off but, for the time being at least, have to sit on them while we finalize the pitch deck.  I’m going to re-read the overview and pilot and consider some changes ahead of the notes for the final polish.  A business strategy meeting will follow next week after which we should have a chat about attaching talent to the project.  I have wish-list but really have my heart set on a few k-pop groups, and one in particular.

Closed the deal on that new pilot earlier this week and am about halfway through the fairly detailed outline.  This script is going to be a blast to write.

Sundry other projects in various stages including the pitch for that Dark Matter miniseries. Just two more character write-ups and the narrative summary to go!

My Korean studies continue apace.  I can now order beer, tell you if something is delicious or not, and ask you to meet me at the department store.  My Japanese refresher is also coming along nicely and I hope to complete all three levels ahead of my next trip to Japan.  Could Tokyo 2022 be in the cards?

8 thoughts on “September 3, 2021: What lies ahead!

  1. I don’t get MGM’s thinking on the whole SG thing at all, I really don’t. Leveraging the still dedicated and built in fan base with a new, series canon based show should be a no-brainer, but…

    Can I just skip the burgers and go look at the moon, though? I have binoculars and everything.

    Good luck on Japan – I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to go as far as New Hampshire in ’22 if people don’t smarten the hell up.

  2. Oh I hope that we, um, I mean you get to go to Tokyo next year! I’m ready for another visit. Maybe you could take the supersonic plane there. Their are bringing it back.

  3. Yes to the moon burgers.

    New character write-ups, or refreshers for the uninitiated? Hoping that’s not classified.

  4. Excellent news on the level up in language skills, tho it’s important to learn crucial phrases like whether Sylvie has gone to the pool, and if so who with. The burgers look too perfect to eat, I still haven’t made burgers, been too busy dealing with work and house and family; after 18 months of calm suddenly everyone I know is having regular life issues to deal with. For me it’s the leak above that was eventually fixed, then having the plasterer fix the hole the plumber left. Then today I found teeny mites crawling literally out of the woodwork of the bathroom cabinet that was damaged by the upstairs leak and cracked the wood. I spent the morning spackling the gaps around the cabinet which is thankfully like frosting a cake. My reward will be to stream comedians playing Fortnite badly.

  5. Didn’t mean to call the last 18 months of scary quarantining “calm,” more like cloistered? Or trapped in amber.

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