I’ve been remiss in uploading photos of late, so I’m making up said lengthy omission with this photo-tastic entry…


The recent haul from Akemi’s patio garden.  Not pictured: tomatoes, chives, and zucchini.


Akemi came across an old cookbook and became inspired to try out some new (old) recipes.  A killer tiramisu that I topped with Royce milk chocolate.


Hanging out on the deck for as long as it took Akemi to take this picture.


Disappointed to discover my favorite ice cream place closed on Monday.


Substitute gelato – ice cream with pistachio cream.  Good, but not the boozy ice cream I was hoping for.

Pxl_20210826_114648246portrait Pxl_20210825_183125639portrait

Akemi’s ceramic haul arrived from Japan.  And there was much rejoicing!

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Dinner at Sara Restaurant with our foodie friend, Dr. Blackjack.


Akemi’s homemade chili oil.  This one’s a winner.


Another inspired new (old) recipe: Gratin d’aubergine et viande.


A little surprise from Dr. Blackjack = Aka uni.  Totemo oishikatta!

I, on the other hand, am going wild with the block function.  I’m now up to a little over 1k blocked accounts.  Occasionally, to unwind, I will click on a trending topic, zero in on the idiot comments, and block.  It’s very cathartic.

Today’s Yes/No…


11 thoughts on “August 29, 2021: A photo-tastic blog entry!

  1. Everything looks so delicious, and. I can’t wait to see Suji tomorrow. 🥰

  2. All good foodie pics. The gelato looks like it was made in the shape of a frog.

    Happy National Power Rangers Day! Yes, there’s a national day for everything.

  3. New potatoes and peppers, good eating.

    I remember when those banana pepper seeds first showed up in our stores about 4 decades ago. Even though we didn’t know what they were, many people bought them for the cool picture and cool name. As always happens with peppers, people planted too many.

    This being before the great epiphany of stir fry, families didn’t know what to do with them once they had them so they canned 1-6 jars (that’s another paragraph to explain why that number) – not pickled, just canned. Nobody ate the canned ones, every pantry just had these jars of banana peppers that would lighten in color every year.

    It would have been a different story if we’d had the internet and could just look up how to use them.

  4. Thanks for the photo post. Akemi is becoming a top notch chef and foodie in her own right. Her garden has turned out to be quite special, too. I love that she is dedicated to making fresh food for you and Suji. I bet she could prepare dishes at home worthy of your friend’s palate. The restaurant food was pretty, but Akemi could duplicate it with a recipe. Even early on a Sunday morning, this post made me hungry! Too bad that I never learned to cook because I love international cuisines and spices.

    Sorry about your ice cream shop. My favorite restaurant closed. Nobody wants to work. This was a long time family business, too. It makes me sad for a whole host of reasons.

    Pork shoulder doughnut? Sure! Everything tastes good in a doughnut, right?

    Please don’t delete me!

  5. So much great food, I can’t believe the bounty that came from Akemi’s balcony garden! I feel ready to have a great lunch of bean pasta (blah but healthy) with ground turkey after I spent the morning doing a paper purge; I apparently held on to college papers, applications, articles and so many broken ethernet cables. It feels good get rid of it all.

  6. Some good peppers there!
    The jalapenos in my garden this year looked great but had absolutely NO hotness!
    I read that they need to be ‘stressed’ in order to produce the spiciness.
    I guess I was looking after them too carefully…..

  7. Your favorite ice cream shop IS closed on Monday (like, come back Tuesday), or closed Monday (like, never more)? I’m so sorry. You’ll have to make the rounds and find a new one. Darn. Hope you are up to the task.

    All those food pictures look great, especially Akemi’s garden, but not-so-much on the pistachio cream. That green cream looks a little disturbing.

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