Today, I made the trek down to Toronto’s Parkdale district so that I could check out Dave’s Hot Chicken along with fellow fried chicken aficionado (and writer-producer) Alex Levine.   The menu is fairly straightforward: chicken tenders or sliders (OR a one of each!), fries, slaw, fountain drinks and milkshakes.  But there’s a little more variety in the spice options that go NO SPICE, LITE MILD, MILD, MEDIUM, HOT EXTRA HOT, and REAPER.  What discerning palette is able to differentiate between Lite Mild and Milk, I wondered – on my way to ordering the double sliders, one HOT, the other EXTRA HOT.  I was dissuaded from going full REAPER by the kitchen staff who informed me I would have to sign a waiver when ordering.


I was expecting the sliders to be mini in size, but each turned out to be the size of a regular burger.  I decided I would eat one and bring the second home for dinner.  In the end, I ended up eating both.

The hot was HOT.  And the extra hot was EXTRA HOT, as advertised.  But, in hindsight, I think I should have hazarded the REAPER.  The weirdly thick chocolate milkshake I ordered was the perfect cooling compliment.  (Note: I’m a sucker for milkshakes, if you’re wondering what to get me for my birthday in October).

On my 50 minute trek back home, I stopped off at a small Portuguese bakery (Bom Dio) to try their pistachio mousse cake –


Note: I’m also a huge fan of pistachio everything: mousse, cakes, lattes, pastes, chocolates.  Well, everything except actual pistachios.

Shocking, no?

Today’s Yes/No…

I dunno…

So, what are your weekend plans?  List them in descending order of excitingness!

9 thoughts on “August 27, 2021: Fried Chicken Frenzy!

  1. Oh boy, those chicken sandwiches look awesome! I’ll take no spicy with a thick weird milkshake.

    My weekend plans:

    Continue to cut up the bazillion x-rays I found at my parent’s house. You know, the film kind they use to stick up in the lighted window. They just use computers now. Thank God.

    Go through the 4 foot high stack of photo albums my mom had, pulling all photos out and giving to family members.

    Carefully pack so I can mail out boxes full of grandma’s mementos to several grandchildren.

    Try to clear more stuff off my dinning room table.

    But what I’ll probably do is nothing since I’m so overwhelmed by it all. I’ll just sit and stare at the wall instead.

  2. Aww … Disappointed you didn’t go for REAPER!
    My weekend plan … Likely food, food and more food … LOL

  3. Chicken looks good! Medium hot for me. I’m also a sucker for milkshakes. The thicker the better! My birthday is in September, FYI.

    We’re in lockdown here in Melbourne thanks to ~60 Covid cases per day. 5km radius travel restriction, 9pm-5am curfew, only 5 reasons to leave your home. So the weekend is looking pretty dull.

  4. I would love to tag along on your eating adventures! Except for the maggot gelato, that is. That brings back memories of being a vet tech. 😉

    I’m not sure what our plans our this weekend. There’s a hurricane heading towards Louisiana/Mississippi, so we might work on our yard before the rain starts.

    I’m hopping on the treadmill this morning for a slow five miles. Then, I have to bake hubby a bday cake and watch more Shield. Our live is simple and I’m grateful for that. The world has gone crazy and our home is a refuge.

    Ponytail, I’m sorry you’re going through this. {{{Hugs}}}

  5. No thank you on the larvae. Crunch and squish is not my favorite texture.

    That is the prettiest little cake ever! My local supermarket has a “private label” Honey and Pistachio ice cream which is remarkably good.

    I think I would try a mild and a medium. I love weirdly think shakes, but chocolate malts are my jam. There’s a local chain nearby, Jake’s Over the Top … their food is fairly generic, but their chocolate malts do indeed tower over the top of the cup. One is a meal and a half.

    This morning, I am leisurely deciding which chores to ignore. Shall I not fold my socks and underwear for the sixth day in a row? Ignore scrubbing the tub or vacuuming the front room? Hmmm. More coffee. Then I will switch to water, and lavender milk tea in the afternoon.

  6. I’m guessing that poor raspberry was removed before enjoying the desert? The sliders look delicious, I’ve had a hankering for fried everything all summer. My poor Imagine soups have sat unopened, but once it starts to cool I hope the fried chicken fever will abate.

    1. That raspberry was enjoyed by someone else before I started on the good part. You know me too well!

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