Had a great time chatting with Brad Wright today on his Companion podcast, chatting about the good old days on Stargate.  We discussed favorite episodes, writers’ room dynamics, and the latest on that fourth Stargate series.  Will let you know when it drops.

And, since we’re on the topic, check out the cool concept art from the Stargate vault – and the very first episode I ever wrote…

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I loved that alien design that, to the best of my recollection, never made it to screen in Scorched Earth.  I nicknamed him Monty and pitched hi as a potential fifth member of SG-1 who would spend most of the time staggering around aimlessly, muttering alien gibberish while the rest of the team was getting shit done.

Teal’c: This passage would appear to be inaccessible.

Carter: It’s shielded by an oscillating energy field.

Daniel: The glyphs are Mayan in origin.  If we can figure out this puzzle…

O’Neil: I’ve always been more of a crossword guy.  Monty, what do you think?

Monty: Agoopbagharrgharojoooooowaaagabba!

Today’s Yes/No…

If I don’t drink regular Mountain Dew, you can be damn share I won’t be drinking the Flamin’ Hot variety.

Oooh, just go the latest batch of visuals for that kpop-themed SF series from illustrator Henry Fong.  The character designs are fantastic and the Embarkation Room is absolutely beautiful!  We get finals next week after which I polish the bible and pilot and then…dare I say it?…smoooooth sailing!

3 thoughts on “August 26, 2021: The fifth SG-1 member that never was!

  1. No, on the hot Mountain Dew.

    Monty would have been a great character! Was he cut because of time constraints?

    Stunning drawings! You worked with some talented people. Are you going to start filming soon for any of the new projects?

    Anything fun planned for the weekend? My hubby ordered a Lego rocket for his Bday, so my weekend is free. 😉

  2. “If I don’t drink regular Mountain Dew, you can be damn share I won’t be drinking the Flamin’ Hot variety.”

    Amen Brother

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