I just received an automated call from Border Services informing me that they have seized an illegal package in my name and, as a result, an arrest warrant has been issued for yours truly.  I was given the option to “Press One to speak to a representative” but figured what was the point?  They’ve already confiscated the powdered rhino horn, Egyptian mummy linen, and black market bologna so I might as well just head down to the police station and turn myself in.

Although, in retrospect, it was probably this…


And you?

Today’s Yes/No…

11 thoughts on “August 17, 2021: Should’ve thought twice about buying that black market bologna!

  1. I had similar phone messages from the border service before as well. They asked me to call them back or else …. LOL

  2. I, too, am waiting for federal authorities to bang on the door for a different offense for which I could not afford to pay ransom money.

    I can’t think of any moments of outrage over a television program. If I do, I’ll go back and gif it.

    Ooooh! SO yes please to the chocolate Dr. Pepper. The perfect taste combo.

    My best friend passed away from COVID yesterday. Please be careful, everyone! Ànd if you’re not vaccinated, please get vaccinated. It saves lives. The Delta variant is so dangerous. Our hospitals, including the children’s facility, are at capacity. Most patients are unvaccinated.

  3. Well, at least the scammers are branching out from their CRA bit. It seemed so obvious to us that what the scammers said was so far removed from what actually would happen, but it was a reminder most people don’t really know how the agency works.

    That was the whole SEASON of TWD that made me more outraged than any other. Talk about phoning it in. I don’t know how many times I literally yelled at the screen because characters were being so stupid.

    Oh, the Chocolate Dr. Pepper can’t be bought at stores? Good.

  4. No! Don’t turn yourself in yet! Meet me at midnight and I can get you out of Canada before they get Bring cash! Lots of cash. For me!

    I would try that chocolate Dr Pepper just because I like both.

  5. I guess you mean SCRIPTED TV, but my outraged moment is the footage of the Twin Towers destruction on 9/11/01.

  6. I would taste chocolate Dr. P to see if I like it, but soda no longer agrees with me.

  7. No on the Dr. Pepper. I don’t even need to read the label to know it contains the preservative which makes me ill. Double no, yuck. So American.

    That first gif is probably the one I would have chosen. Something else will probably percolate up from the back of my brain in a few days.

  8. Those TV series moments that inspire outrage usually make me drop a show, so it’s even more annoying when the very last ep is the biggest stinker of all. I was so annoyed with the ending of GoT I never want to view another second of any future iteration, rewatch old eps or even listen to the soundtrack. At least with Lost there were plenty of mayday signs to bail years before that ended, but I did watch the finale which confirmed why I’d bailed on it.

  9. My SIN number is being used for illegal purposes and there have been threats from the “authorities” to arrest me over it. I might also lose “monies” as a result too.

    I also get phone calls from “Canada Choice Home…”
    I don’t know what they want because I hang up before they have a chance to go further.

    The Do Not Call List is not very effective. These calls are irritating but there are bigger problems that needing addressing now.

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