I’m three lessons in to my beginners Korean language course.  If I maintain this torrid pace, by the time we schedule a zoom with that kpop talent, I will have fully mastered “Hello”, “Goodbye”, and “Have you had lunch?”.  My Japanese language review is going much faster, and certainly helped by my daily anime viewing.  Meanwhile, my stock and markets research continues…

Waiting to close the deal that will see me write that pilot script.  While waiting, I went ahead and beat out the episode.  This one is going to be lots of fun.  In other news of note, there’ll be a big announcement on my involvement in that epic comic book adaptation in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

Not sure if it’s a result of this pandemic, but I find I’ve grown increasingly impatient.  Also, have kind of lost interest in socializing.  Is it just me?

Today’s Yes/No…


9 thoughts on “August 16, 2021: Enter Blog Title Here!

  1. So, a couple of “good news” coming up soon then?
    Great blog title by the way … LOL

  2. It’s not just you, Joe. Let me know if you would like to try an online trivia game via Zoom. Next session in two weeks.

  3. You can’t go wrong with mashed potatoes! Garlic mashed potatoes, cheesy mashed potatoes, Cod Roe mashed potatoes…

    I’ve had a bit less opportunity to socialize with the pandemic making it harder to visit friends at their houses or in cafes but not less inclination, though I was never a party person; I just have a few close friends in real life and then the people I chat with on social media. I was already working remotely as a freelance editor-proofreader for manuscripts of all kinds, so it hasn’t affected my job. My Dad wasn’t able to teach for a while, and then started giving lectures by Zoom for the first time.

  4. I wasn’t much into socialising to begin with! I’m no good at smalltalk and find social gatherings awkward. Personally, I love lockdown! They’ve just instigated a 9pm curfew here in Melbourne to get a Delta Variant outbreak under control. It’s great! There’s no more car racing going on in the street at 3am!

    I would like to get my boardgame group going again. That’s about as social as I get. Which is pretty social, I suppose. But it’s all game talk. I can cope with that.

  5. I still like socializing but I hear ya. One thing I don’t miss is people soliciting at my door.

    “I’ve grown increasingly impatient.” I believe a lot of people feel that same way. It might explain all the crazy on airplanes now.

    I’m in awe of Akemi and your language skills. You joke but I think it’s very cool!

  6. I have been told that the Asian languages are particularly difficult to learn, so good on you for trying two at once. Having Akemi to converse with must surely help with the Japanese. Maybe you should foster a Korean exchange student in order to gain a similar advantage.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your career developments!

    Cod roe sounds like a perfectly good way to ruin mashed potatoes.

    Having lost my best friend to the pandemic yesterday, I have no desire to ever leave the house again, much less socialize.. I had an early morning doctor’s appointment this morning that she was supposed to have driven me to and being around that many people in the waiting room was torturous.

  7. My father has always said that you only need to know three sentences in ANY language:

    Where’s the bathroom?

    How much is it?

    My friend will pay for it.

    1. “My father has always said that you only need to know three sentences in ANY language:

      Where’s the bathroom?

      How much is it?

      My friend will pay for it.”


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