6 thoughts on “August 1, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Love that picture of Lulu and Suji. Suji is very photogenic. Dogs are so naturally beautiful. Every morning when my dog is complaining, telling me to hurry up and get dressed because she wants her breakfast, I remind her she is lucky she is naturally beautiful and doesn’t have to get dressed.

    Happy Birthday Andria!!!! Hope you made Joe do everything for you today!

  2. Happy birthday, Andria!

    Suji is adorable a always! And Lulu… I know you must miss her and the rest of the pack so much.

    Continue to enjoy your family time in Montreal!

  3. So cute! At some point Ill work up the nerve to watch Midsommar. I loved Border and Blood Red Sky, but just the poster for Midsommar freaks me out, vacationing is scary enough without having to worry about ending up in the corn.

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