Hmmm.  Flash hailstorm today.  Checks date.  July…2nd.  Oh, right.  I live in Toronto.

Finally completed by Fast and the Furious marathon and my rankings.  I actually don’t mind the increasingly ridiculous elements but do find the movies are a lot less fun without actual stakes or consequences.  Meanwhile, THIS is the spinoff I very much want to see…


Or the second Hobs & Shaw movie.


Yep, this pretty accurately sums up how I’ve been feeling of late – a little creatively tapped out.  The prospect of getting anything done this weekend is incredibly daunting.  Think I may need more bourbon ice cream.

Today’s Yes/No…

I dunno…

10 thoughts on “July 2, 2021: Creative Battery will shut down. Please recharge.

  1. I totally get the creative drain, suffered with it recently but then I had a coffee with an old friend and made a new one from LinkedIn. We met at patios in TO and had a great gab fest that got the juices flowing again. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting those different perspectives from other like minded people that gives the brain battery a boost! If you ever want to chat I’m up for coffee or drinks anywhere in TO. Just lemme know. All the best!

  2. Wait a minute! That Mac and Cheese Lasagna is a “real” food that Stouffer’s has invented? I thought it was just another weird made-up thing in Japan.

    Joe get out of your funk, be glad your not currently in the heat wave sweltering city of Vancouver, and go out there and enjoy Canada Day by eating your way through the weekend!

  3. For some reason the name “Toronto” and that F&F GIF made me immediately think of the 401.

    Perhaps you SHOULD take the weekend off! Sounds like it would be a good investment for better productivity later.

    That mac ‘n cheese lasagna doesn’t sound that bad, actually.

  4. I think that is a great idea by BOGDAN BOB ORLIC. If you can’t get together in person, do a zoom meeting with your old Stargate buddies, Carl, Ivon, Paul, Robert C., etc. That would be a hoot!

  5. I can’t remember much of the F&F franchise, can’t retain who did what or where they’re going in the fast cars. I tend to avoid them unless I’m trapped at someone’s house and being forced to watch. I’m more into sci fi so staying up to the wee hours to watch Loki and Tomorrow War this week was fun.

    All I want to do this summer is watch rock docs; Family Band: The Cowsills, This is Pop and I’m hoping Summer of Soul will stream soon so i can catch those groovy beats.

  6. I did finish a second large painting in two years last month. I’m back in The Sad, but it comes and goes. The heat doesn’t help, because the bedroom has the only AC. The evaporative cooler only lowers the rest of the house about twenty degrees F. Not unpleasant, but not conducive to painting or other creative stuff I do in the kitchen. I’m heavily into the Loki series, so that keeps me partially occupied.

  7. Okay … misquoting Spock once again: “I have never, and will never, watch anything Fast & Furious. (Probably.)”

    Mac & Cheese Lasagna may be the best lasagna? Yeah, it may be. Though probably not Stouffer’s. Should remember this for when visiting the middle daughter and the three growing (growing, growing) grandsons (those boys would definitely EAT IT UP! 😆

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